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  1. Guardian Ares

    My 2002 Yz 250f Will Not Start?

    Same with me, everyone says not to give it any gas when starting it up and that it should start right up and idle like nothing's goin on... not for me. Whenever I start I make sure I hit TDC and the choke is on, then I kick it once with the throttle wide open. After that I rap the throttle a little bit when I kick it, eventually it starts up. This is also during very cold weather though, when the dew on my front lawn freezes. I have to rejet it as well, it's not getting the fuel it needs.
  2. Guardian Ares

    progress on my bike

    Alright, I'll contact my friend and get the basics from him, then when I have everything measured and layed out I'll get some pics of it. Then post the pics with the measurements of the pieces. His is basically square, steel tubing welded together with the top piece that "floats" on the bottom section. The peddle raises the top section and kind of locks it in place. I'll get some pics of it though. I saw him use his on his 450 when he was cleaning it. It's a nice little set up and relatively cheap. The square tubing is about an inch in width.
  3. Guardian Ares


    11 views of my post and not a single reply.
  4. Guardian Ares

    stock exhaust ?

    The stock exhaust is alot quieter, won't set off car alarms, but it's not exactly silent. If you plan on riding your bike on the street then you should put the stock one on. I've had the cops called on me twice now cause I have an FMF Titanium pipe on mine. Hehe, it's great rapping the throttle when you're creepin up on someone in 4th gear at an idle. Scare the crap out of em. But unfortunately it pisses them off too. So yeah.
  5. Guardian Ares

    progress on my bike

    I'm gonna be making my own stand with a foot pedal that you step on after it's under the bike, pops it right up. I can draw up some images on the PC and give you guys the measurements if you like. My friend has one and it's pretty sweet, so I'm gonna weld up one for myself.
  6. Guardian Ares


    Alright, I have had a problem with a hanging idle for a while now. I took the carb apart, jets are all fine, no apparent air leaks, and the slide isn't sticking. I'm moving on to changing the jets now. To my knowledge they're all stock unless the previous owner changed them. I will contact him and find out. But, assuming they're stock, should I go with a larger main jet or what? And how much larger should I go just to give me a rough estimate of what I'm lookin for? Thanks
  7. Guardian Ares

    Front Wheel

    I remembered reading somewhere that if you put bearings in a vice and spin them with your finger and feel some rough spots or it's not completely smooth, they're bad or about to go bad. So I got curious and took the axel out, spun my finger on the inside of the bearings and it was extremely rough. So yeah, my bearing are bad. Oh well though, my desert trip this weekend got cancelled before this problem arose.
  8. Guardian Ares

    Front Wheel

    I recently tore my front end apart and now I'm putting it back together. Got the forks lined up and tightened down. I'm tightening the axel nut but even after I get the 75 ft-lbs on it there's still a little bit of play. I have the spacer, the bearings, then a collar on both sides. Is there something I don't know about? Or should there be a tiny bit of play in the tire?
  9. Guardian Ares

    YZ250F High Idle

    I have an '02 YZ250F and had a problem with the idle. I adjusted the air/fuel screw and it still didn't run right, then someone suggested a larger jet. But before I changed anything I took it apart to see if there was residue or anything that would cause the slide to stick. Nothing at all, clean as a whistle. When I was putting the carb back together I was putting the throttle cable back onto the pulley on the carb, as I pulled on the top cable it slid out of the sleeve and revealed a fray in the cable. It looked like the cable had been deliberately cut. When I fiddled with it some more I found out the fraying of the cable was catching inside of the sleeve and holding it in place. So if anyone else has problems with high idle on their YZ250F, I suggest you take a look at your throttle cable before you change the jetting or anything. It bummed me out when I found this cause I am planning on making out to Ocotillo this Saturday. We'll see if I can get it goin.
  10. Does anyone know what a rough estimate for replacing a seal on one fork and changing the oil in both? I bought the bike and I don't have the tool to remove the top cap. So if anyone has any info it'd be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Guardian Ares

    High Idle

    Thanks guys, I got it runnin good now, the guy had it too lean although the jets still might have a slight blockage in them. One more stupid question though, what's the best reccomendation as far as lube for an o-ring chain? I just read that little FAQ on the Fuel Screw and it's very helpful. So if I adjust the Fuel screw to "factory settings" (2 1/2 out) and it still has a 'high' idle then I should switch to a larger pilot jet, correct?
  12. Guardian Ares

    High Idle

    Alright, I recently bought a 2002 Yamaha YZ250FP and I've been havin the same problem with the idle. The bike runs nicely but it the idle has to be extremely high. If I try to lower the idle it begins to die quickly. Today I started it up and ran it a bit, up and down my street a few times and went back to my driveway and let it sit, lowered the idle in tiny increments and got it to idle a little lower than it has been. Unfortunately it heated up so quickly that the coolant began to spill out of the overflow. I didn't run it hard enough to cause it but it happened anyways. The bike has an FMF Titanium pipe on it, PowerNow intake (not exactly sure what it is, never heard of it), and a few other things, but nothing else done to the engine. Before I continue on anything, mainly tearing the carb apart, I have to ask a stupid question. I've worked on older bikes but I'm not familiar with the "newer technology", but where is the Air/Fuel mixture screw located on this thing? I can't find it in the manual and everyone I know has no clue either. Thanks. Any other help would be appreciated.