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  1. Have you changed spockets lately? A larger sprocket will change the location of the chains path and wear the guide faster.
  2. If your swingarm is similar to my 94 you can remove the little block from the swingarm by removing the screws from the inside of the swingarm and pop the rubber plug up by the pivot and knock out the piece with a long thin bar. Then you can work on it in a vise. The inside end of the bolt is usually long enough to grab with visegrips and a little heat alway worked for me. Then chase the threads with a tap and neversieze it like they're your sponsor.
  3. in the washing machine in cold , fill the machine with water and mild detergent and let soak for an hour or so to loosen dirt and mud then wash on the shortest wash cycle to avoid abuse .(mine has a 4 minute setting) then hang dry and wipe up any leftover dirt on the machine .(keeps wife happy)
  4. AWESOME woods bike for a big guy and there are alot of auxilary tank options or oversize tanks available.
  5. I have used 15-40 for years in both smokers and stokers without a problem,my.02 I am always impressed when someone gives me an absolute rule but doesn't take the time to share the fact based reason behind they're stone carved rule.
  6. The cleaner is designed to work with the oil so it cleans the filter alot better with less effort(longer filter life too). It makes the whole filter cleaning thing a little easier IMO.
  7. You didn't post your age/experience level . That is pretty important info for judging what your next ride should be.
  8. It's seams like my buddies always forget to mention that they started the project,took a horrible turn,then re-assembled it and brought it over. Then the answer to every question becomes "I never touched that since I've had it".
  9. The rubber fuel line works great not only for removal but also for installation. You can't crossthread it because the hose will slip on the plug if it binds. A drop of oil on the theads everytime.
  10. C L this sounds like the perfect project for father and son. Don't rush through it and do alot of looking and asking before you buy and you can keep the cost down. Don't be afraid to ask questions anywhere,here,dealer, racetrack anywhere bikes are. I do one of these projects every winter and I'm always finding parts deals and advise this way.Even better is my 14 year old nephew is doing all his own wrenching now(started helping when he was10) and my 9 year old nephew just did the top end on YZ125 with me just handing him tools. You can't buy that at any price!!!
  11. I've got two smokers(01YZ 125,01KX250)and one stroker(01WR426).I love 'em all.
  12. Thanks for the info,I think he's going to go new. He's only 14 but he's trying to pay his own way so he looks at price first. It's a big pride thing so I have to go gently with my "advise". It means alot to him to not ask his mom for money. He found a job cutting firewood to pay for his motor.
  13. My nephew is looking for used crank assembly and I can't seem to get a straight answer from my local shop.Will any other model years work or does it have to be a 99.
  14. Thanks for the help guys . I'll be out of town all week for work so I wanted to get a jump on things before I left .
  15. A friend of mine has a KX 250 he bought at an estate sale without a title that was sold as a 01. Does anyone know how to check the year by s/n or some other way so I can start ordering a manual and maybe some parts today? This thing was rode into the ground but he's got money and I got wrenches.