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  1. Hcor

    what's your best rated track and why

    No sir...nothing. Hurts every time that bill comes. Wish i could just pay it off all at once and wash my hands of it. Im happy with my RM, and really enjoyed doing a top end for $120, but I do miss that brand new 450. Nothing good comes from living close to the ghetto. On another note. Evansville is fun, no huge doubles. Just some very manageable ones and a bunch of tables. Good elevation changes, and really only two relatively large jumps. The downhill jump isn't even all that big, its just a bit scary as your jumping a decent gap, then the 45 deg hill drops out from under you and weeeee. Takes a bit of sack is all. Watching 10 year olds throw whips off it somehow doesn't help me commit. lol
  2. Hcor

    Blue Diamond today

    Heading down there tomorrow. Been awhile since Ive ridden BD. Any changes since last year?
  3. Doesn't matter if your a marathon runner. Cardio is not muscle endurance. Almost any workouts can and will help a bit, but moto is all about muscle endurance. Ever been fatigued as hell but not out of breath? Try a good dose of plyometric routines with some high rep resistance training to go along with your cardio and you will destroy your opponents. Now for me to try and be dedicated enough to take my own advice!
  4. Hcor

    what's your best rated track and why

    Evansville is a blast. I love that track, we try to hit it up a couple times a year and have an awesome time. Jumps are good fun and safe, there is one scary jump down the big steep hill, other than that everything is reasonable. Im getting it all and I'm a 40 year old vet. I still ***** out on the big downhill jump, I know Its easy, I just need to sack up once! E-town is my home track as its about 40mins from me...hate the price, but its close. Practice track is usually in decent shape. Saturdays are best - less riders. The race track is amazing, only track I enjoyed more was Budds Creek. See ya at the track #68 and ya that my birthdate!
  5. I like the one I painted last week. First helmet in the books. Many more to come.
  6. Hcor

    Eastern Virginia tracks?

    Anyone? I can seem to find any info
  7. Hcor

    Eastern Virginia tracks?

    Are there any MX tracks within a reasonable distance to Suffolk, Newport News? Any info appreciated. Any other mx related stuff down that way like scrambles etc?
  8. I have Insurance on it, so thats covered. I know it is the same people doing this and I know they are local. If I can get them on vid there is a chance the cops will know who it is. Also this gives me a target if I know who it is as well. I need to know who it is, dead guys cant steal.
  9. As some of you already know from previous posts, my new 450 was stolen from my garage. I have since replaced it with a used 2 stroke which I keep in the basement now mostly. Yesterday these scumbags tried to get into the garage and get me again. Broad daylight, while i was at work. they cut one of the lock hasps but could not cut or pry off the sheathed an uncuttable locks I put on there. They also broke the garage side window, but could not get by the framing so failed there as well. Not sure what good that would have done, you cant squeeze a moto through a 2x2 window. Ugh to make a long story shorter, I need to setup some video surveillance to catch this ****/s until I can move the hell out of here. Im on a budget, need to spend only as much as I need to get the job done. I just need a cam that will record when motion is detected. Id prefer recording to my pc but vcr would do as well. I was just hoping someone else out there may have already done the homework on this. The prices vary so much, and I dont want to waste any money. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Ok I need some expert jetting help. I have an 04 RM 250 with stock jetting: 172 main pilot# 50 NEDH-4th Air screw 1 1/2 FMF Fatty - Shorty combo. Im around sea level here in NJ with temps from about 50-80 mostly with some 90 deg days come summer. Bike starts in 1 kick, idles great, power seems ok but falls a bit flat on top. No smoke but a good amount of spooge on end of silencer after a ride and plenty of spray on fender. Seems to be rich. I just received a JD jet kit and had some questions. FMF recommends: 162 Main for mid summer, 165 for spring temps 48 Pilot NEDJ 2nd position 1 1/2 air screw JD told me to ignore the needle info and use their instructions (Red at 4th), but aren't the instructions written for a stock pipe? Really what I need to know is what do you recommend I use for needle (Red or Blue) and at which position? They also say to use the included 45 pilot instead of the stock 48. Between FMF and JD im slightly confused. I know slight adjustments may be necessary, but what would you experts with experience do?
  11. Im going to be re-jetting the RM 250 next week (Keihin carb). Last time I had the carb apart I could not remove the throttle cable from the carb but I did not need to access the needle. This time I do. Do I need to remove the throttle cable and valve to get to it? If so is there a trick to doing this, I could not figure it out last time for some reason, and the manual doesn't really show this step. thx for any help
  12. Whats interesting to me is the assumption that this guy is riding over his head, being irresponsible, and needs to re-evaluate his priorities. This may not be the case at all, and many of these posted opinions may just be unfounded. Any rider with 27 years of experience knows how to ride. Just wanting to do better and push it a bit does not make one fit all the above accusations. Two falls in three months is nothing, for any level rider, and being inured both times may just be some bad luck. All motorcycle riding is extremely dangerous, you start that bike you know the risks. People get hurt seriously every day going slow and being "responsible". and all these excuses people make about riding slow or being careful equates to basic common sense. Most have it, some don't. Riding way above your head or taking really big chances is one thing, pushing it a little bit and trying to improve is another. your concern is valid, any two wheeled sport can be quite dangerous. Just make sure your family has coverage, and live with a happy, motivated, banged up hubby, instead of an unhappy, unfit, but safe "responsible" ex-rider.
  13. Hcor

    New Bike..Questions and Pics

    yes its just above the footpeg, actually right above the gear shift lever on the far right of the case.
  14. Hcor

    Dirt bike insurance

    Progressive and Geico both have dirt bike/powersports insurance. Get it. My 08450 was stolen from my garage, its gone, homeowners does not cover and Im still paying for it. Wish I would have known. My now used 04 is covered fully through Progressive, theft, comp, collision for like 150 for the year.
  15. Hcor

    FMF Fatty on 04 RM

    Straight from FMF: What does the Fatty pipe do? Fatty pipes are designed to give the engine an all around power increase. We are not drastically altering the power band of the bike. This pipe will appeal to most people that are happy with the stock power band and just looking for more useable power everywhere.