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  1. pit_racer

    pit bikes

    post your bikes up guys and girls
  2. pit_racer


    yeah same here they have no idea how much you pay for bikes these days they just crush em dam i loved that bike to i am gana be so bored without it
  3. pit_racer


    man it makes you sick £600 down the drain and i dont think they will give me it back ...they are gana crush it i wish i could blow their cars up or somthing
  4. pit_racer


    they probly are f'n ugly pigs :mad: i really hate em they pis me off they steal kids bikes for their own kids xmas presents A*SH*LES
  5. pit_racer


    :foul: lost me pit bike 2day 125 aswell i am really gutted testing my new carb around the streets and police chopper gets locked onto me and they get me bike gone shouldnt of never gone on it :mad: it is a really bummer i am very sad as it cost me £600 and was alot of fun when i went to tracks but not no more :foul: happend 2 any1 else ? i hope not very depressing
  6. pit_racer


    are pit bike chains ment to be a little loose or very tight? :thumbsdn:
  7. pit_racer

    pit bikes

    lol its ok u just need usd forks and maybe new swingarm apart from dat it luks cool i shall be posting my pics soon
  8. pit_racer

    pit bikes

    very nice
  9. pit_racer

    pit bikes

    get your pit bikes posted boys and girls lets see how good these bikes really are i will post my pics as soon as i get some pics
  10. pit_racer

    little help?

    if there is any diffrence in chains..is it better to have the chain slack or tight??
  11. pit_racer

    Hey Guys

    welcome to TT matey i is from england too :ride:do u know any mx tracks in england as i have just fixed my pit bike and need to rideee hope to ride with u soon
  12. pit_racer

    anyone know??

    anyone know any pit bike tracks in england or close by as i have just fixed my bike up as most of u seen the suspension and swingarm was really high so any replys will be great
  13. pit_racer

    how much ??

    how much do u rekon i would get if i wanted to sell this pile of poo lol http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/7786/dscf11617vy.jpg
  14. pit_racer

    post your vids

    post your pit bike videos or any other cool motobike videos u have
  15. pit_racer


    last time i priced they was £899 on uk site they might of dropped by now