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  1. hp22402

    2009 WR450F Seat

    I converted my 09 WR450 to a dual sport, having a blast. However, the stock seat is not comfortable after 2 hours. It never bothered me before because I used it for harescrambles and mx where I was not sitting that much. Has anyone done the same and purchased a different seat? If this thread exists already. let me know and I will delete.
  2. hp22402

    on/off road gearing?

    Same here. Running 13-50 was thinking 13-46 but that may be too much off the back. Plenty of throttle left but the engine seems high in the rpm's. Looking for suggestions as well.
  3. hp22402

    Honda CRF450R (2009)


    Love this one tooo
  4. hp22402

    Honda CRF450R 2009

    Love this one tooo
  5. hp22402

    Yamaha WR450F (2009)


    Love it
  6. hp22402

    Yamaha WR450F 2009

    Love it
  7. hp22402

    Who all has a street legal wr?

    Just plated my 2009 WR450 last Saturday. What a blast. Any recommendations on sprocket sizes? I am running stock 13-50 and need to go smaller. Was thinking 13-46. Suggestions from the veterans?
  8. hp22402

    Let's see those WR's!

    I removed the light from the rear fender via the screws and then unplugged it. The front, I just took off everything. The light the speedo cable the computer. I then had to make a front number plate holder out of a piece if scrap metal to bolt to the underneath of the top triple clamp. It was where the computer bracket bolted on. Then I drilled a hole in it to bolt the front plate to. Hope that helps.
  9. hp22402

    Let's see those WR's!

    My 2009 the day I bought in July 2010 August 2010 My oldest boy using it for MX 2011
  10. hp22402

    Pics of Your 450....

    My 2009 in March 2013 With the Woody Graphics In July 2012 The day I bought it July 2012
  11. hp22402

    2009 CRF450R Starting Issues - All of a Sudden

    I had a similar issue and changed the filter in the pump. So far so good. Sorry forgot to add, I did not do any fuel pump diagnostics like you did. I took the chance on the filter change and it solved my problem.
  12. hp22402

    which rekluse

    This was not my post so I don't want to steal brucegregory's thunder, but thanks for the info. From what I've read here and talking with a few others, sounds like either is just fine. Based on that I will go with the z-start-pro and save the cash. Thanks.
  13. hp22402

    which rekluse

    I am wondering the same. I was looking at the website and trying to justify the extra cost for the EXP 2.0...will be interesting to see the responses you recieve.
  14. hp22402

    Flywheel + Rekluse: Am I over doing it?

    Awesome info and thanks to all. I was going to ask which Rekluse but I saw a post by another user so I don't want to steal his thunder.
  15. Background: I have a 2009 CRF450R, bought it back in July due to my kids only wanting to race MX and my 09WR450 was just not the right machine. I really like this machine, it has been a long time since I owned a Honda. I am doing 1 MX race a month and occasionally a HareScramble or GP in the area. I catch myelf stalling quite a bit. Not a fault of the machine, more a poor technique by me. So I purchased and installed a Stealthy Flywheel weight. I went with 17 ounce version. Question: If I were to also purchase and install the Rekluse EXP 2.0 setup, would this be overkill? I did not feel the bike had a unmanagable hit to it, but I do like the flywheel changes. Should I just run the Rekluse or both? Looking for advice or suggestions or if any of you have this combination already. Thanks, Jim