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    Rally Twin Adventure bike

    No worries, a used DR is still a nice bike! We get all sorts of comments, I enjoy them. Now, I'll try this question here: Some people want the plastic to be pretty, or at least more professional, but no one takes the time to elaborate...So somebody do some photo shop or post a pick of what you do find attractive on an adventure bike. Fire away!
  2. wayne weber

    Rally Twin Adventure bike

    Sure I'll pop in! Let's see, I'll address a few questions...$68K is a ton of cash for a bike and that's what it takes for a hand-built "run of 10" bike, chopper or otherwise. The overhead for machinery, legal, engineering and building rent is huge. I did our business case, feel free to develop your own We are not selling these, we are exploring the market to determine interest, get feed back (thanks for 3 pages here!) and decide if it's a venture we wish to explore, or just ride our awesome bike and not worry about it. The EX500 motor is and old design...but it's bulletproof, has readily available parts that are not expensive, it's hugely tunable , and it's smooth. NOW, unlike the stock motor, our intake and exhaust design makes this a mid-range monster that still revs out! It's as fast as a GS1150 and a few hundred pounds lighter. I appreciate the comments on the wimpy EX (stock) motor, as I owned an EX500 for a couple years, but ours is nothing like that. The plastic is quick and cheap, I agree. Because "crashability" was part of the design, and "crashability" and "expensive beautiful fairing ala KTM950", just don't mix. Keep the comments coming Wayne Weber