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  1. I moved my d rings from the back to the front, all I had to do was grind some threads off the bolt near the top so the d ring would slid up the bolt.
  2. Yea I tried to ride saturday but I wasnt feeling to good I was sore all over. But yeah they was alot of sand baggers that was as good if not better than the B class riders.
  3. Yeah man I wipped out hard friday, I was in about 3rd in qualifiers an someone jumped into me on the double on the backside. That was my first time ever on a motocross track.
  4. Nice truck, I had a 97 dakota sport 4wd v8 5 speed. It was a good truck, never had any problems out of it. I still wish i had it I sold it for 4,500 with 150,000.
  5. Jersey-fox blitz Pants-fox blitz gloves-fox pawtector Boots-alp tech-10 goggles-spy socks-fox Helmet-fox V3 whitewall
  6. I done the same thing last year, except it tore my nail off from the roots. Probably the most pain I've been in.
  7. 06 kx450f 07 tacoma x-runner 03-07 viper I'm goin to buy one wrecked an fix it back up.
  8. My buddy went an bought 2 06 f250's Harley trucks with the 6.0 psd. They use them as company trucks an as far as i know they aint any trouble out of them.
  9. I had a 97 dakota v8 4wd that had 160,000 on it. Run good then I sold it for a new tacoma.
  10. I also have the Ti-4 lowboy an love it. Power gains all across the board.
  11. I started my 450 today an grabbed my front brake lever an then went to pull my clutch in an the bike shocked me. What could have caused this? If you put one hand on the brake lever an touch the frame it also shocked me.
  12. Mine does it to, but I aint really worried about it. If you find a easy solution let us know.
  13. I just recently bought a 07 tacoma x runner. Its a 6 cyl 6 speed 2wd, something like the srunner they did a few years back. Gets pretty good gas mileage (16-21). I had a dodge dakota before but ill never go back.
  14. yea its a 450f. carbon fiber frame guards twin wall bars asv levers that would be mine lol. Its just getting rebuilt an getting jetted I aint had much time to mess with it so I took it up there.
  15. I used 1000, 1500, 2000 grit sandpaper on mine, An I dont think they are much up keep to it. Usually one coat of mothers after every wash job keeps it looking good. But once you get scratches you have to resand it to get that mirror finish back.