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  1. honda907

    2014 YZ450f Prediction/Wish List

    Look, the bashing of the bike is really unwarranted. The bike is really a good piece of equipment. JS7 won the first race he rode on it in 2010, just that the next race he crashed into Kyle Partridge, and that was his season right there. Tedesco did well on it up till St. Louis, and he biffed it on the same jump that RV did in 2010 and broke his lower leg. Last time Ivan ran as a top three finisher in SX, BTW Jason Lawrence did fine on it as did Grant Langston. Those two got consistent top 10 finishes. And Josh Hill, ran with the red plate for a few weeks in 2010 before he became mental case with the pressure of the championship after his teammate JS7 was sidelined. Outdoors it was good too. Then all hell broke lose because JS7 can't win on the thing, so the bike must suck. Make a long story short. He couldn't keep the Yamaha on two wheels, and he sure as hell can't do it on a Suzuki either. I think it's time for the bashing to stop. I don't ride near JS7 speed, and neither do you. If he does have a problem, maybe he is just to fast for any bike. I have had 3 Yamahas since 2010 and I think they are the bomb. I am over 50, but still win the over 30 A class on occasion. The bike is good, but since hardly anyone knows it, you don't know how much an advantage I have!! Keep buying those Hondas and Kawasakis. Those Kawis are good, but worn out at 20 hours from what I can see. My 2010 has about 100 hours on it and is my primary practice bike, and I never have to do anything but tires, brakes and rotors, oil changes and air filter changes. I think the air filter changes are a snap, and I don't have to worry about dirt falling down into the boot either.
  2. Springs worked good. The boy did everything at the track. Even a 110 foot tabletop. I removed 10 cc of oil, softened the forks and shock up on compression about 3 clicks, and increased rebond 3-4 clicks front and rear. He wins schoolboy sometimes on a smallwheel 150 F, and he went 3-5 seconds faster on rhis bike after one day on this bike. Lots of power for a tiny frame.
  3. I ordered .39 and 4.2. Still thinking to soft in the rear, but we will try this. I went up one from FC, since that 4.0 sounded way light, even though he is light. I'll post what we find on here after this weekend while we set the bike up at Tomahawk MX. Thanks!!
  4. FC told me. 37 and 4.0 for Rear. See how that goes. Couple clicks less rebond. We will start there......
  5. Just got my son his first big bike. What springs would you use in the forks and shock for 110LB child???
  6. honda907

    Ohlins front forks and shock

    David at Fast Bike Industries, the guy in western NC, set me up. Probably the same people.
  7. honda907

    Ohlins front forks and shock

    I got the stuff last Friday. Took about 30 minutes to break in. Bikes steers better with forks. I havn' t really bottomed it yet. No metal clank anyhow. Rides firmer and higher in the stroke, but feels very planted. I thought the bike turned well stock, but resisted sliding. Now it turns better and I can light up the rear like the 09. Sent pics of my riding. With my weight and how I stand on the bike, we electred to forgo shortening the shock. Haven't raced it, and that will be the true test. Ill take crapy stuff AND a win over Great stuff and a loss.
  8. It was pretty good. Had fun Saturday.
  9. honda907

    Ohlins front forks and shock

    I think Yamaha SSS is very good myself. I am looking for tuneability, something I find lacking in the Yamaha stuff. I cannot go from a nasty rocky HS and do big jumps with it. It is either or. Plus, it seems that the Ohlins makes the bike track even straighter and bettter, from down the straight, to through the turn. I read in MXA a few months ago, that the stuff is good on a YZ 450, but I wanted some real world experience. They are a lot of coin, but like I said, by the time you get the valving, springs, link and coatings on the stock stuff, they really are not any more money. Oh, they make the shock like 2 mm shorter, so you get the same effect as the link, but the suspension is already set up for the flatter layout.
  10. Anyone ever use or purchase Ohlins TTX forks and shock? I am looking for info if you have personal info on it. Not something you heard about it. I see they are doing well in Europe on the Yamaha's. I have a Yamaha 450, and I am thinking of purchasing a set next week. They look relatively easy to service and look like they have all the upgrades. I believe the package with the coatings, cost about the same as KYB components with valving, springs and coating, so the price seems reasonable, and I will have a spare set of suspension..
  11. honda907

    Plug and Play lighting harness for EFI YZ450F

    just looked at the manual. Yep 14 VDC outt of the recctifier.. So put a diode in Series after the rrecctifierr to run the battery, and run the cap and battery in parallel? Then just put a toggle switch to make or break the circuit to the battey? actually, do you need a diode in the system if you , ah never mind. If I stall it, it needs to isolate the battery from the cap fast so I can just kick it right? That way the battery and cap are always isolated.
  12. honda907

    Plug and Play lighting harness for EFI YZ450F

    I will look at the wiring diagram tonight. I can rad them, but maybe I can scan the diagram and post it on here to get some feedback on what I can and can't do? Is that legal ffor me too do? Baja designs said that I couldn't put a battery on this system (YZ 450), but maybe they are wrong. The Capacitor is tthe battery for thhe bike, so iit can''t work. ?? Why is that? Like I said, Dirt Bike magazine said that thee new WR can run with a battery or without, so I assume it has a cap also so it will start. Just speculating about that of course. Yes they are cool for DP bikes. I used to do all my Hoondas CRF 450R's afterI was done racing them, but I have been buying Yamahas since 2009, and they couldn't run bigger generators in 09, and until recently, i haven't ried to do the EFI Yamaha because I couldn't find kits for them either.
  13. honda907

    Plug and Play lighting harness for EFI YZ450F

    OK, this thread has me interested in turning my 2010 YZ into a street bike Dual Sport. How can I power a headlight with the generator on the bike and store current in a battery? Is this possible? I was told yesterday that the YZ cannot do this. Is the power output to run the EFI system DC? I would think, since I have what looks to be a rectifier on the left hand side below the tank and behind the radiator. Probably like 14.4 volts then, if this is true? I know the new WR450 Yamaha can either run off the battery or of the generator. You can take the battery out of the bike to make it lighter for racing purposes. It is in the new DIRT BIKE magazine.. It uses pretty much the same EFI by Kehin, I think. Anybody any help on this? The reason I am asking, is that in PA, the lights have to stay on for about 30 seconds without the bike running, hence you need a battery backup.