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  1. MX Racer57

    Exhaust pipe dent repair?

    The last time worked, it pushed about 75% of the dent out. I'll try it again tomorrow to see if I can get the rest out
  2. MX Racer57

    Exhaust pipe dent repair?

    Thought of another way to secure the plug on the muffler side so I just stuck it back in the freezer and we'll see what happens in about 3-4hrs. It usually pushes the plug out at about 3 hrs.
  3. MX Racer57

    Exhaust pipe dent repair?

    It's just dented and have tried the water in the freezer over night & it just pushes the plugs out. I'm using rubber expansion plugs and torquing the sh#t out of them, even vise gripped the end with the flange but the other end (muffler side) has nothing to help secure the plug? Have heard of the compressed air and heat but haven't tried it yet? How much pressure are you using & what kind of heat? Will a propane bottle be enough for a titanium pipe or I've heard people use MAP gas which i'm not familiar with. I have an air compressor but nothing to use for heat, what would you recommend?
  4. MX Racer57

    Exhaust pipe dent repair?

    I have a pretty good dent in the header and curious to hear what other people have done to fix theirs? (White Brothers Titanium Header) Also, does anyone know if someone in the San Diego area offers this type of repair?