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  1. Mobile Chicane

    04 TE250 Air Filter Screen

    I ran mine for years on my 05 TE250 and only pulled it out about a year ago because it was starting to come loose. Best thing I ever did. I find it easier to install the air filer now plus it seems to seal a lot better. Also, get the Athena 300cc kit. I got one and it is the best money you can ever spend.
  2. Mobile Chicane

    My Te300 W/pics

    I have the Barrett muffler the same as yours on my 05 TE 250 with the 300 kit. I didn't find it all that much louder, but made a big difference to the bottom and mid range. Anyone thinking of the 300 kit should go out and do it. It is hard to believe that an extra 50cc can make so much difference. I also saw your bike in the magazine and that was part of the reason I got the 300 kit. Best money ever spent on the bike.
  3. Mobile Chicane

    2008 TE 450 ride report from ADB Mag!

    What is "user friendly low RPM flutter"? I think they mean that a lot of the other bikes are a bit soft in their power delivery down low relative to the Husky. From previous reviews I have read in Australia, they always seem to comment on how the Husky comes on strong right off the bottom, so you have to be a little careful opening the throttle on slippery surfaces. I gather the other bikes have a 'soft' bottom end (to me that means no power down low) so that it enables you to gain some sort of traction before the real power comes in. I read this a lot in reviews over here, but I know I would rather have consistent power right from the bottom and let me deal with putting the power down rather than waiting for the bike to get into its stride.
  4. Mobile Chicane

    2008 TE 250 is here in Norway

    On the Husqvarna Australia website they list the 08 TE 250 at 106 kgs, which by my crude math works out to around 233 pounds and the TXC 250 at a couple of pounds lighter
  5. Mobile Chicane

    post your best euro-bike

    My 2005 TE250 with 300 kit on it. Awesome bike.
  6. Mobile Chicane

    Info on TE250

    I am 6'1" and about 190 pounds and bough the TE 250 as my first serious dirt bike. I had a lot of road experience, but hadn't ridden dirt bikes for about 7 years. I found the bike great to get back into dirt bike riding as I found it easy to turn and was still quite light. It is a little tall, but you get used to it. Now that I have more experience on the bike, I got the 300 kit installed and have fallen in love all over again. Problem with the DR's, XR's etc, is that when you want more from your bike, it will cost a bit of money to upgrade and they still won't be as good as the Husky.
  7. Mobile Chicane

    husqvarna 300 kit

    I have put a 300 kit on my 2005 TE250 and could not be happier with it. Lots more bottom end and the bike is able to lug a lot better. I can't recommend the kit highly enough.
  8. Mobile Chicane

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    Here are a couple of pics from a ride I went on today. Just had the 300 kit installed plus the new graphics and plastics. Just ran the engine in today, but I can already say the 300 kit has to be the best mod you can make to the 250 in my opinion. No action shots unfortunately, as I was out by myself.
  9. Mobile Chicane

    Athena 300 kit for 04 TE250

    I was looking at one of these kits myself but it seems by your experience they are difficult to get in Australia. Which Husky dealers did you try and get the kit through? Also, if I can ask, how much did it end up costing you?
  10. Mobile Chicane

    Going from TE250 to TE450. Thoughts?

    I have thought about the 300 kit and I know Ride can't speak highly enough of it. He did say in one of his posts though that the motor still needed to be kept on the boil, so that was my only reservation.
  11. Hi guys. I currently have a 05 TE 250 and am having a serious look at upgrading to the 08 TE450. I am wondering if anyone else has upgraded from a 250 to 450 and what where their thoughts. I am looking for something that I can be a bit lazier on gearchanges but not something that is going to be to snappy on the power. I ride anything from tight single trail through to open fire roads. I really love my 250, but those 08 450's are just so purdy.
  12. Mobile Chicane

    Lastest on the 08 Huskys (Australia)

    I saw the pictures on the Husky Australia website and the bike looks awesome. I was looking at trading in my 05 TE250 on one of the new TE450's but I am worried the jump from 250 to 450 may be a bit much. Is the 450 a completely new motor, or is it just an upgrade with FI plus a couple of other minor things? (Would prefer to buy an 09 so they can sort the bugs out if it is a completely new engine)
  13. Mobile Chicane

    Hey chinese lovers

  14. Mobile Chicane

    Hey chinese lovers

    You seem to be talking about bending people over a lot. Not hiding something are we?
  15. Mobile Chicane

    Hey chinese lovers

    Ha Ha Petepuma. Calling someone Euro Trash when they are from Australia. You do know the difference between Austria and Australia don't you? And here you are telling others to go back to school. I doubt whether the school would understand your application with your quality grammar.