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  1. res0tm5t

    2004 WR450 Problem

    Ok guys update on the jetting. I installed a JD jet kit today by following the instructions. I have a 170 main jet, red neddle with 4th clip, 45 pilot jet. When we went on a ride my bike overheated and steaming so bad that the carberator started pushing fuel out of all the hoses. I then decided to open the gas tank and man there was a ton of pressure. I assume that this is what was causing the bike to leak gas out of the carb when it wasn't even running. I then got towed back to camp and flip over the gas vent coming out of the gas cap, so now there is no reason for the pressure to build up in the tank. Went out on another ride and the bike did get hot and started steaming agian but no gas came from the hoses. ANY IDEAS!!!
  2. res0tm5t

    wr450 Kickstart

    Ok maybe I am confused, when kickstarting a dirtbike why would the coil pack need voltage to start easier. For example my brother in law has a wr400 kickstart only and with just one kick he is off a running. He then trys to kickstart mine and he kicks,kicks,kicks,kicks and finally get lucky to start it. He too has kick started bike for many years and he says mine is so much harder to get started.
  3. res0tm5t

    wr450 Kickstart

    I own a wr450f 2004. Recently took a trip to the trials & my wifes battery went in her bike. So I installed my battery in her bike so so wouldn't be stranded. I taped my battery leads up & said I'll just kick mine. FAMOUS LAST WORDS! I can't believe how hard it is to get the wr450 to kick off. I kicked, kicked, kicked, kicked so much my damn leg was about to fall off. I ride with a few seasoned riders & they had to kickstart my bike for me. They said that for some reason my bike is VERY HARD to Kickstart. ANY IDEAS? So I dont have to have a chaperone when I ride. By the way put my battery back in so I could use the magic button on the last day. The bike starts just fine with the button.
  4. res0tm5t

    2004 WR450 Problem

    First time posting but I will be as detsiled as possile. Bought a 2004 WR450. Mods: Zippy Ty air screw set at 2 turns out Main jet = 168 Pilot jet = 45 Starter jet = 65 Never messed with the needle setting I assume it is set to factory Uni air filter Corked exhausted pipe Boyseen accelerator quick shot 3 = adjustable When purchased I tour down the carberator & cleaned it all up because the bike sat with gas for a few years & I have replace all the fuel lines as well. My problem is when I throttle blip the accelerator it bogs & sometimes dies. I have adjusted the quick shot all the in & all the way out & still did not notice a difference. I was thinking my jets are wrong any suggestions. I live in Dallas Texas if that helps with the sea level. Any suggestions would be great!!! Thanks
  5. res0tm5t

    Drz 400

    can anyone out there tell me where to purchase a longer shift lever for a 2000 drz400e. my boots will not fit between the peg and lever very good? thanks