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  1. I agree with JBBorton 100%!
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. I'll for sure fill my shock up with nitro. Thanks!
  3. I have a 90 DR350 and I was wondering if you could refill the rear shock with compressed air instead of nitro?
  4. Ya I also bought this muffer off ebay. It is a big piece of crap!!! I had it the same type of thing happen with the midpipe. I got a steel one bent at a muffler shop and it works pretty good. I also had found a set of supertrap rings and endcap, and they work alot better!
  5. It's probably just because I'm new to it, but I can't get my DR350 to start after 5,10,20.... kicks. I don't know if it the carb because I have gotten it to run when I push start it, and I have even got it to start by kicking but usually after it is warm. The jets are stock on the bike, I have a SuperTrapp Exhaust, and no air box mod. The bike runs pretty good when it gets started. Any ideas?
  6. I'm actually just looking for parts. I'm trying to keep it low cost, but how much are you wanting for the engine, E-Mail me at kentond@ksu.edu.
  7. I'm rebuilding a 1990 DR350 engine. I need alot of parts to the bottom end. Mostly just the main tranny shaft, and the end bearings. Any help would be appreciated.