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  1. He picked the right tuff block to catch. A little flying advertising
  2. Red necks:bonk:
  3. can you download tracks for x-box? if so, how?
  4. If BITCH REED is the man why cant he win unless Bubba or Carmichael crashes, Bubba left it on the track, reed cried on the podium about what was said to him/her. Even Carmichael says reed is a dirty rider, all you reed fans keep dreaming, that punk is a 3rd place rider
  5. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? com on now, he turned a 49.5 sec lap time with bent hanle bars, Stewart is the man. Its his time now. Dirty passes , Reed has that covered
  6. Where in Tx are you located? Bardwell deliverd mine for 150.00 to Beaumont
  7. Bardwell Yamaha, 6000 otd blue, 6200 otd white. I got mine 3 weeks ago 150.00 to deliver it to Beaumont Tx, its about an hour east of Houston.
  8. Thats what i'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm comming over here from the RMZ 450 forum, just bought a new 07 YZF 450 from Bardwell Yamaha. I'm one of the many rmz owners with the lower rod bearing problems. I was wondering can anyone tell me if there is a web site that I can order the 06 yellow plastics for my 07, i'm having trouble finding some. I always like Yamaha when they were yellow, reminds me of the old days.
  10. Chris and I ride together, we both have 2005 rmz 450's and both had the same problem, it was 1700.00 for me also, I'm still waiting on mine.
  11. CR8e, 3 to 5 dollars
  12. Will the 06 plastics fit an 07? Gas tank, both fenders, front and side number plates. I want an 07 but I like the yellow.
  13. We need to get a count of all the rmz 450's that have had a rod bearing problem and send it to suzuki! As I read all of these post and the one I started ('05 to 07") it is the same symptoms. As I posted i'm rebuilding mine too, $ 1700.00 to do the job. suzuki knows of this problem and refuses to do anything about it. I'm looking at a YZF 450 right now, I was at the dealership today and they told me Yamaha has a RECALL on its 06 250f, uhmmmmmm, seems like suzuki needs one also. Admitting and fixing a problem, thats good buisness. Suzuki should take the hint.
  14. I am having trouble viewing the files, they are AVI files, how do I change it so I can see the video. I use Windows media player.
  15. I do service mine. My friends 05 RMZ's bearings went out and the screen was not even close to being clogged, He took pics of it. He also takes top care of his bike.As for splitting the cases every 8 hours, thats crazy to have to do that for a weekend rider who doesn't race, none other brands my friends ride do that and they have never had that problem. Dont get me wrong I love Suzuki RMZ but they do have this one problem, I'm just trying to find out if they have fixed this problem, before I buy another.