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  1. motoalaska

    Worst Products You Have Ever Bought?

    I spent over 300 bucks on a pair of alpine star 8s and took them out on there first ride , and while starting my kx 500 pro ice bike i ripped a teardrop shaped piece of the boot completely out of the boot. leaving a inch diameter hole. i could not afford to replace them so all summer , moto trails or swamp i had this hole. alpenstars ignored mi E mails. next spring after a long year i bought my sidi force boot, best boot i ever bought. 3 years of service, with a few hinge repairs and a couple of buckles changed.
  2. motoalaska

    Missin Ak

    rival is not closed , i mean it is fenced of to trespassers. not to riders..
  3. motoalaska

    Missin Ak

    im getting ready too go ice racing on my lowered ported kx 500 on race gas . i run top 3 or 4 in the state of ak ' we run on are track near the klondiike inn , on big lake . we run tires that are called holidays. we take two street bike tires and cut the bead off of them then stof them into a lugnacross knobby then shave the tire profile to turn left. front and rear plan to spend about 700 dollers for bought canadian tires and making your own can work great or totaly fail.very exacting... but when you enter a corner at 70 two intches from your comp and it sticks like a slot car knee draging . man .. its fast 10 laps you cant buleave how fast. come see .. call todd at a t v salvasage for a schedual..
  4. motoalaska

    Missin Ak

    rival is now blocked off due to insurance through racing lions. my self and too more volunteers run the park for SAM and Ralf. cant get enough. i have ridden the watterfall trail mass times winter , summer , dry , very muddy, when its dry it 10 minutes. when it muddy time disappears and you pick a line and don't stop for nothing . find me at rival and i will show you the waterfall. ask for Todd .#23
  5. motoalaska

    Missin Ak

    rival park is an active track people say in tires them out more then kinkade plus with the trees and deselaration jumps it not just pin it and hold on . it takes finess . but sneaking onto a track not a good way to test a track . you dont have to race . just come to practice. we pay to ride there because it pays for the grooming, and up keep . when there is people on the track it is more exciting, plus safer. i live near sutton i know every trail this side of the valley winter or summer. way to many kooks on four wheelers drinking beer . you cant fly like we usd to. besides your bike stays cleaner , if you wreck you dont have far to crawl. rival is a good biginner track with seperate practace times.the jumps are safe. dang now i got a motojones.
  6. motoalaska

    Missin Ak

    the only track near wasilla now is rival on the outher side of palmr about 18 miles or kinkade 45 miles . rival is very good intermedite dirt. home of ben lamay
  7. motoalaska

    Missin Ak

    Hi my name is todd I'm 40 i have lived all across the state of alaska for 30 years. i grew up trail riding . now i live in palmer. 35 miles out of anchorage i now ride in the intermediate vet class mainly i ride at rival park on the old glenn. it is a great park that is in the trees with a lot of jumps we water before every Tuesday and Thursday night practice. races correspond to the state series. also there is a track in fairbanks that is killer , lites, built by dirtworks. first rate dirt. we have a sand track in kenai and a new one opened this summer in homer. anyway lots of people say rival park is great , its very tight racing . fully backed by AK racing lions. and people i trail ride with do get a little board with it so we moto and we all ice race , i have a built and lowered kx 500 for ice only . last year i took 2 nd in the state , on ice . for moto i have a 04 F 450. but this weekend its all about mountain snowmachining . what a blast,.see you at rival park this summer I'll will be the one who is watering. #23
  8. I just upgraded from a 01 426 to a 04 450 . I missed out on all the magiazine hop up articals from 04 . so what is a good motocross set up . the bike came from a fast trail rider and has all the offroad goodies on it. engine wise it has a fuel screw,and i will get a quick shot cover. Im a 190 lb 40 year old intermediat vet class rider . I am intrested in lowering my rad like the 06 . do i have to replace the right rad like it looks . expensive ? and what about springs is the stock rate ok ? anything else ? this is the first time riding this computer thing . is ther really anyone out there? well that is alll about summer right now im off to ride my moutian sled into the last frontier.