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  1. Hello, I bought a HTP battery box over the winter but waited until spring to install the battery. I pulled the battery from my Versys 1000 (a bike that I ride everyday) because it is now the correct size for my drz, put that battery in my drz and it started just fine. I noticed that the battery poles are kinda close to the bolts for the battery box but did not think anything of it. Went for a 20 minute ride, parked the bike. This morning I get up to go for a ride and the battery feels weak and it did not start the DRZ. As if the battery drained itself some overnight. What do you guyz think? The battery poles are like 1/2in or 5/8in away from the HTP metal box. Do you think this is how the battery drained itself?
  2. What are the best ktm 2 stroke models to build snowbikes out of?
  3. After I posted this I went back to the bike and found a bleed screw on top of the left rad. Its all good now.
  4. My left radiator had a pin hole leak from a rock. I removed the radiator and fixed the tiny leak with JB weld. I put the radiator back on. Then I topped off the right rad with coolant (50/50) with the cap off as the bike was idling. Then I screwed the rad cap back on. I let the bike idle for 20 minutes. I started hearing boiling noises in the right radiator. This seemed odd to me because it is -15c in the garage tonight. As I leaned back up from hearing the right rad, the red light had come on so I shut the bike off. Now even more odd, the fan had not come on and the left rad was barely hot. I can grab the left rad with my hands while in the right rad it would burn my skin if I did. Is there a bleeding procedure I am not aware of?
  5. Ok we been trolled... successfuly!
  6. Is ther another trick you use to accelerate the beading process?
  7. Hello guyz, Three of us own DRZ400's. This summer we started running Kenda Trackmasters. The rears go on easy w/o ever a problem but we have problems with the fronts. On the fronts, there is always a 8-10 inch section of the bead that does not want to set, it stays in the rim. As we increase pressure, a higher section devellops on the oppsite side. We deflate, we push on the opposite side to create slack, we re-inflate. Sometime with rebreak the bead all around to start over. We ride it around the block and we repeat this process about ten times then with the tire at 15-20 psi, on the non seated section, we hit the sidewall of the tire towards us with a rubber mallet on the part that has not set, gaining a mm each hit of the rubber mallet. After a lot of cussing it finally goes on properly. We never had this problem with any other front tires. While we like these tires we are thinking about switching to a different brand. Any on you guyz have a similar problem? Such a pain that we are thinking we are going to quit running these tires and go back tot the other kinds that have never given us any trouble.
  8. Hello fellow drz affectionados. My trusty DRZ400 smells like coolant after riding.The smell comes from the radiator engine area(not from exhaust) I have to add a little bit of coolant every 500km. I cannot find the leak and am at a loss. What is a common cause for a coolant leak on these?
  9. Ok maybe I did not think this out too well. IMG_5172[1] by Jean Turcotte, on Flickr Fuel line coming out a full 3 inches below the carb.... not sure is a good idea. Will it work?
  10. Are you sure....the bike is 18 months old... However.... now that I think back on the motor being flooded. I may have left the choke on that day. I went on a quick run to the grocery store and I may have not pushed the choke back in. Maybe fuel leaked into the motor this way. Whatever it was... now I am a little paranoid. Sometimes I am laying in bed, I get up, get dressed and go check my petcock valve on the street.
  11. Hello fellow DRZ'ers, I have a 28liter safari tank on my DRZ400. About a month ago, I came of late and tired and forgot the manual valve on the on position. The fuel then flooded the motor for my beloved DRZ400. In the end no harm done but I could have hydrolocked on fuel. For this reason, I would like to run the OEM petock on this tank to avoid this problem. I took the petcock off the OEM tank and compared it to the Safari one. The bolt spacing is identical however, the hole in the middele is elongated for the OEM petock because it has tube pickup tube for fuel. For this reason, I would have to elongage the circular hole in my Safari tank to be able to fit the OEM petcock. Before I drill a hole in my 700$ gas tank, I would like to know what you guyz think of this Here are a few pics. IMG_5163[1] by Jean Turcotte, on Flickr IMG_5165[1] by Jean Turcotte, on Flickr
  12. jfman

    28 liter Aqualine Safari tank install

    I will post up a picture tomorrow. BTW - I am having some fitment issues with this tank on my bike. 1 The front cross brace doesn't touch the frame unless I tie it to the frame with a big zip tie. The two sensors on the back of the radiator are being pushed by the tank. The foam pad under the tank doesn't fully touch the frame. Also is it normal that what hold the tank on in only the seat? I bought my tank used and theres some threaded holes in a fe spots pn the tank but no brackets were provided.
  13. jfman

    28 liter Aqualine Safari tank install

    Hey guyz, Just installed the safari 28l tank on my bike. Is it true that with a manual petcock you have to remember to turn the petcock on the off position otherwise the engine will flood with fuel? If so, is it possible to install the vaccum petcock from the OEM tank onto the Safari tank?
  14. Well crap I guess they wont work on an XR650L. They are SM wheels that wanted to use on an XR650L. The hub says MBN on it