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  1. Last year I rode a 05 crf450r and I'm thinking about trading it on a 06 kx250f the main reason is that I think I will be able to corner faster on the kxf because it is lighter and has a lower center of gravity any truth to that? Next question If I trade for the kxf I want to put a muzzy 280 BB kit on it right away for more power because it will only cost 450.00 when the bike is new. will this kill engine life? will making it a 280 be a noticeable difference? The main reason for the trade is a lighter bike and lower center of gravity plus I don't need the power of a 450 for I only weigh in at a bulky 145 but I am a power freak (the reason for the BB kit). I do race -250B-vetB-open B- so I realize I will have a dissadvantage off the line with the kxf. So what I'm asking for is help with pros & cons about going down from a 450 to a 250 and about the big bore kit. PLEASE