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    For the last time - starting problems with TTR125L

    I recently had many of the same symptoms. My '03 125L has always been stubborn to start, especially when it's cold outside but it would always start eventually. This time, it sat for about 2 months and I couldn't start it for anything. I had people telling me to do all of the things previously mentioned. I started with the easiest first. Took the carb completely off the bike, took it completely apart ... including removing each jet and cleaning them individually. During reassembly I had a hard time with the choke slide so I lubed the cable as well as cleaned all the corrosion from the slide/o-ring of the choke. When doing this I realized how little slide movement I was really getting with the choke. Got it all back together and to my surprize it started on the 2nd kick. Ran for 2-3 minutes and I was able to idle with no choke. My best guess is that it was a combination of the carb not being cleaned out for almost 2 years allowing small amounts of sediment to clog up the small pores of the jets and the choke not being able to slide it's full distance. The other bit of trivia that I've learned is to never even touch the throttle when starting the bike when it's cold ... just use the choke. When it's good and ready, the idle will increase enough to start riding. After I've been riding for a few minutes, I'll push the choke in and all is fine from then on. For those of you still having starting trouble ... good luck, I'm sure it will turn out to be something simple.
  2. scoobyracing

    Oil change ttr125 03

    Anyone have any experience with lighter weight oil for winter use? I'm thinking of going with a 0-30w synthetic ... maybe even lighter. Thanks.