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  1. R3250

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    If you order the JD kit, order the one for the 2018 KTMs. It's the same as the Husqvarna's. Im at sea level with temps around 70 degrees. Bike is running much better with 27.5 pj and 440 mj. Needle is stock. Air screw at 1 3/4. JD kit is on its way.
  2. R3250


    I just ordered one of these: http://slavensracing.com/shop/skid-plates-for-ktm-2/
  3. Any of you looking for someone to ride with Friday? I would be willing to skip work to ride some single track at Jordan's Creek or Diamond Mill.
  4. R3250

    2017 fc 350 hard to start when cold out

    From MXA: 9. Battery. In cold weather you should pre-heat the Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) battery before trying to start the bike. We touch the starter button enough to activate the starter, but not enough to get the bike to turn over. When you do this you can hear the starter clicking over (or feel it with your hand on the gas tank). We do this two or three times. Why? Because Iron Phosphate batteries get stronger as they get warmer. Then, once we have the battery preheated we push the choke up (not down) and start the bike." Link: http://motocrossactionmag.com/bike-tests/ask-the-mxpert-can-you-give-me-2016-ktm-350sxf-tips Below is my procedure. I hope it works for you. My bike has started in temperatures as low as 38 degrees out. 1. Tap the button once as per MXA, but not enough to turn the engine over. 2. Wait 20 or 30 seconds, hold the start button for about 5 seconds. 3. Wait 20 to 30 seconds after step 2, push in the cold start knob, and hold the start button for no longer than 5 seconds. It almost always starts on step 3. On the rare occasion that it didn't I just waited another 20 seconds and hit the start button again. Good luck!
  5. I purchased the TTX cartridges from Dean Burke at Burke Motorsports. His number is 502-387-0906, or www.burke-motorsports.com. It was money well spent. The bike is nearly perfect now. Dean is great to work with too. He responded quickly to all my emails, calls, and text messages. Installation was easy as well. Good luck with your decision.
  6. R3250

    Jones Creek, Dimond Mill riding this week?

    I could go to D Mill in the morning. PM sent.
  7. R3250

    Need Help with Single Track in Beckley WV

    Buffalo Mountain address: 34 Oakwood Heights Rd. Williamson, WV 25661. You can find trail maps at www.trailsheaven.com. I'm not sure where to purchase passes in Beckley, but you will drive by numerous stores that sell passes on your way to Williamson. I always buy mine at the convenient store in Williamson. I think most 7-11 stores near the trailheads sell them.
  8. R3250

    Need Help with Single Track in Beckley WV

    You're not going to find much single track in near Beckley. www.burningrockwv.com has some single track, but not much. Williamson, WV is a two hour drive from Beckley. You will find a little more single track there. Brushy Mountain and Brown Mountain in NC are about four hours from Beckley. You may want to look into those areas.
  9. R3250

    2014 CRF250r for Enduro?

    I can't really comment on the 2014, but I have the 2013 CRF 250 R that I've raced a couple of national enduro's, and some hare scrambles with. I think it's a great woods bike. My last bike was a 250 2 stroke, and I like the CRF a little more. The only advantage that I see with the X version is the electric start. Some will probably say suspension and 18" wheel, but I don't have any problems with the R stuff. I eliminated the need for the e-start with a Rekluse. However, I don't think the Rekluse is a must have, but I like the bike a lot more with it. I have 94 hours on the bike with the stock engine and suspension. I just tore the bike apart last week. The valves were still in spec. I'm sure the piston was overdue for replacement, but the cylinder still looks brand new. I'm replacing the crank too, but it looks like it had more life left. I've had several different size bikes (2 and 4 stroke, woods and mx) over the last several years. If I were going out to purchase a new bike tomorrow it would be the 2014 CRF 250 R. I mostly ride single track, but I like to do some mx too. That was my reason for picking the R, but I think the R does great in the woods too. The only thing I've done to the suspension is add a stiffer rear spring and changed the clicker settings.
  10. R3250

    is there any one in charleston sc who rides

    What do you ride, track or trail? My favorite place to ride near here is Battery Park http://batteryparkoffroad.com. Wambaw is closer, but it's all quad trails.
  11. R3250

    Who runs a Rekluse? Or why don't you?

    I have the core EXP. I do not notice any difference in clutch lever pull, engine braking, or starting. In my opinion, the EXP is nearly identical to stock. I use my clutch the same way I always have. The EXP to me is just an anti-stall device. Does it make me faster? No, but it does prevent a few stalls that I normally have during a 2 or 3 hour race. That means I do finish the race a little quicker than I would have without it, so I guess that makes me faster. I rode my 2013 CRF 250 a week without the auto clutch when I first bought the bike. I stalled often in gnarly single track. I hated the bike, and couldn't wait to get back on my 2 stroke. After installing the EXP. I love bike. I highly recommend getting the auto clutch. However, I have no experience the the Z-start.
  12. It may be the wrong model year. I bent my '13 lever on a road trip, and purchased an older model (it was the only one the shop had in stock). It worked, but it did block the drain bolt. I ordered the hammerhead when I returned home. It doesn't block the drain bolt.
  13. R3250

    new 2013 crf250r

    If you plan on riding any tight trails I recommend getting a Rekluse. If you ride 2 track, or fast trails then you don't need it. I have the TM Designs skid plate on mine. I have a little over 70 hours on it and its holding up well. I like it because it isn't loud like an aluminum plate.
  14. Dirt Rider has the four stroke info: http://www.dirtrider.com/features/first-look-all-new-2014-yamaha-yz250f-and-yz450f/
  15. I ordered a pipe guard from them a couple of years ago. After a month of waiting I started calling/emailing. I was given the same line, "it will ship out by the end of the week." It did ship out by the end of the week, but it was the end of the week a couple of months later. Just keep harassing them. You will get your guard by Christmas '13. It is a great product. I will never order from them again though.