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  1. California

    Hey Hawaii they use to put a conversion up on dist. 36 for an ico computer do you know if there is one out there? I can't get onto d36 forums .
  2. California

    Thanks got it.
  3. California

    My son and buddy did that same route last weekend but staged oit of little stony.Rode today conditions were awesome !
  4. California

    Rode today condition were awesome ! Will there be a route sheet that I can get ahead of time?
  5. The settings were per Jd jetting instructions very easy to follow ......JD Jetting does all the testing and have it dialed in.I don't thing it's useless my point was that the kit works and it is worth the purchase.
  6. I just installed the Jd jetting kit and all I can say is WOW.The bike pulls strong at 1/4 throttle and pulls hard like a completely deferent power band.I am now completely satisfied with my 10k bike. The Jd kit is well worth it !
  7. Off the subject but what size bars are on the tx.The ktm/Husqvarna dealer sold me a KTM easy route clamps kit but the clamps will not fit around the pro taper bars.The clamps are marked 14 which is for a pro taper 1-1/8''?
  8. Ordered my yesterday ..... Love the bike can't wait.❤
  9. I have an Rekluse exp core for an x anyone if any one is interested.The clutch has two rides on it and I am asking 500.00.
  10. Ok I'll pick one up... Thanks
  11. Does the yz450f recluse fit the fx?
  12. I have a gytr fmf 4.1 on my fx250 no remapping runs better then stock also just purchased and in installed a fmf 4.1 carbon tip slip on on my '16 fx450 and it runs well. Purchase from Rocky Mountain and got a discount.
  13. I am looking at switcing out my 19" rear wheel to a 18" any suggestion on what wheel set to go with. Looking for a complete set ready to go.
  14. What dealer did you get the $7600.00 otd?(2016)?
  15. Has any body riden the 450fx is it as good as the 250 fx over all.