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  1. Luke Boswell

    YZ number plate and rear fender for a WR

    I forgot to mention I have an 07 wr. Does anyone have a part number for the headlight resistor? I was also thinking of removing my computer. Do I have to do anything special for it?
  2. Luke Boswell

    Smart performance 07 Wr250f review

    I'll make a few different offsets we can try out if I can get some spare time. I really want to try the 17mm offset like the zipty's.
  3. Luke Boswell

    YZ number plate and rear fender for a WR

    I was thinking of doing this to my bike, can I just unplug the light? Do I need a resistor?
  4. A few months ago I contacted DaveJ about a revalve kit for my new 07 wr250f. I race B class hare scrambles/gncc's and the bike was really soft. I consider myself a pretty aggresive rider and the bike was bottoming violently, even after being re-sprung. Dave sent me kits for the shock and fork, oil, and a much stiffer shock spring. The kit went in pretty easy, I called dave once during the installation for a question, and he cleared up the matter very quickly. I wasn't able to test it much around my track before the next race, so I set the sag, which I usually run more sag than the book says to, and headed out. The track was dryslick and a bit hard, so it was a little skatey at first, but after about 5 miles it started working great. Soaking up little chop and big hits great. I passed into the lead on lap 2 and held it until the gas stop. I passed the leader again on the last lap and gapped him by 30 sec at the end of the race. Sand whoops and G-outs were soooo much more controlled. I mean night and day difference over stock. Before, the bike would rock back and forth in the whoops and bottom so hard over ditches/g-outs that it would hurt my ankles. The bike was very stable after the revalve. This was also the first race in years that I have not had terrible blisters after the race. I was actually thinking how smooth the trail was, then I heard people after the race talking about how rough it got by the end of the race. I had so much more energy at the end of the race, even though I trained less for this race than any in recent memory. The only problem I had was a slight push in some turns. But I think this was more of a sag/chassis balance issue than anything else. As I said I had no time to play with the setup before the race. I may try some smaller offset triple clamps, or maybe just less sag. Big thanks to Davej for the great setup! So now it's up to me to get in shape and do some more winning!
  5. Is this possible? Probably not? What is the offset of the 2010?
  6. That's what I was thinking, but the popping was throwing me off. I'm a 2 stroke guy, this 4 stroke jetting thing has me thrown off a bit.
  7. I have a 2007 Wr250f. Here's the specs. 290 JE 12.5 piston Pro circuit header Leo vince slip on for a 2006 yz250f 185 Main 42 pilot Needle from the yamaha AIS kit in 3rd position 40 leak, o ring mod 160ft-600ft elevation 95 degrees and super humid (GA) The bike runs great, except for really high trottle. When the bike is at wide open throttle, or about 1/8 from wot, it starts popping and falling flat/surging. Do I really need a bigger main? The exhaust has no leaks. I just thought I was already at the top of the main jet spectrum.
  8. Luke Boswell

    03-06 Pipe on 07 Wr250f

    I recently purchased a great 07 wr250f and I'm looking to bump up the performance a little. I can get a full aftermarket exhaust for a 03-06 for next to nothing. Can I get it to bolt on? What were the changes? I run a machine shop, so making a bracket or welding a nut on the exhaust isn't a problem.
  9. Luke Boswell

    Am I too big for a WR250F?

    I rode a crf450r before my 300, didn't turn, stalled almost once a lap. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on the wr. I rode a kx250f in the woods the other day, and I think with a little more bottom power I could make the bike work. Plus it was more fun, thats what racing is about, right? I'm also gonna keep the 300 for a while if it doesn't work out. Thanks for the help.
  10. Luke Boswell

    Am I too big for a WR250F?

    I don't really dislike the 300, I was just thinking of trying something different. It's very sandy around my house, but most of the races I do are clay/rooty type courses. The power on the 300 doesn't scare me at all, I was just wondering if it was possible to get the wr to pull me (motor mods, etc) and not be a maintenance hassle. I ride pretty aggresively.
  11. Luke Boswell

    Am I too big for a WR250F?

    Hi, I race +30B in hare scrambles and I currently ride a 07 KTM 300xc. I'm 6ft 195lbs and I ride pretty aggresively. There is a 07 wr250f for sale near me with very little time on it for a steal. Would it pull my weight if I put a big bore kit on it? I think I could get down to 185, but thats about as light as I can get.
  12. Luke Boswell

    09 KX450F Off-road

    Hi, I ride eastern hare scrambles/GNCC's, and I was thinking off getting an 09 KX450. I tried converting an 05 CRF450R a few years ago and got nothing but headaches. Stalling was my main concern. Does the efi, or a different map, help with stalling, or is it even an issue in the tight stuff? I ride Vet B and a KTM 300.
  13. Luke Boswell

    the goat at Erzberg?

    Anybody who doubts RC is a moron, including kiko. Juha isn't very tall and he seems to do well at those events. I ride mx and off-road, and fast is fast.
  14. Luke Boswell

    Ktm 300 lighting question

    I recently purchased a 2007 ktm 300, and I love the bike. I was wondering what the best light would be for actually riding at night. I think the bike has the 2k3 stator, I could be wrong. With 110W output, you should be able to hook up some serious lights without rewinding the stator, right?
  15. Luke Boswell

    05 shock valving for off road

    Thanks, thats pretty close to what I had in mind too. I love durhamtown, but sometimes its a bit crowded.