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    New Aussie Dirt Bike Forum

    Well I have been a long time thumpertalk member and have obtained some priceless info from here and will continue to do so. I know there are a lot of Aussie members that use this forum as well, and I encourage them and all to come along and sign up to a new Aussie Dirt Bike Forum as well. A lot of the time the questions and answers differ because Australia gets a slightly different model bike to the U.S. Its also a great way to get to know local people in Oz and share or ask about anything dirt bike related. You can go either to www.eatmydirt.com.au or directly to the forum http://pub61.ezboard.com/beatmydirtchat Check it out anyway. Eatmydirt.com.au is a great dirt bike related site.. and I have no probs sharing this with the rest of the dirt bike community! And no its not my site! It's just another bloody good resource! Cheers Curtis.
  2. WR400inOZ

    Who's got the fastest internet speed???

    Here are my stats... I dont know if any of you guys have seen that movie "Office Space" where they take the PhotoCopier outside and give it the "Royal Stampede"..... well anyway Im going to do that with my modem one day. Either that or drag it behind big blue with some rope on my next ride.. I will post the pictures. File Size: 150.005 KB Time Elapsed: 49.982 seconds 24 Kbps (3 KBps)
  3. Yeah someone once told me that cats make great air filters... You obvioulsy have the non-genuine model.
  4. WR400inOZ

    Dogs Peeing On Rear Wheels! Help!

    I saw my Dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) do that 'once' to my WR.... I felt like going and pissing on his bed. Im like "Who the F@#K does he think he is?" Pissing on MY WR?? sheesh. Out of everything I have in my garage that he could have pissed on..he chose the bike. Simple.. Dog BANNED from Garage..he can go and piss on the missus rose bushes all he likes!
  5. WR400inOZ

    What keeps you coming back to TT?

    Nah I just keep coming back to see Yamakazi's Signature File grow! And continue to drool over all of his addons!
  6. WR400inOZ

    Blue Light Ride anyone?

    Grum... i'll be there mate. Im entered in with the EatMyDirt.com.au team. We will be up near the front. There are about 16 of us. My first time doing the Bluelight! I've done the Erica, Kenda and Nolan Enduros this year so im really looking forward to it. Keep an eye out for us and say G'day. Curtis.
  7. WR400inOZ

    DSP Airbox & DSP TI Axuast For sale

    I had to laugh at mcarp here... especially with all of the addons he already has mentioned in his signature file
  8. WR400inOZ

    Steering Dampners - give me the rundown!

    Thanks for the info so far. hmmm its still a toughy. Id love to be able to ride a bike with a unit on there. Nev-WR I might give those guys a call. I friend of mine woks at Cramers in Melb, so I will talk to him also. I do know the feeling of the front tyre hitting a rock and giving you the shakes. Obviously the concept is pretty much the same as the road bike version. **** at the end of the day its only another grand right! Thanks again.
  9. Of all the time I have been riding dirt bikes (in Oz) I have never seen a dirtbike with a steering damper on it!!! I've been in enduro's and rallys (up to 600 bikes at a time) and still never seen one! Yet over in the States, they seem to be quite a common thing. Realistically to fit one here with new tripple clamps etc... I reckon I would be up for a $1000.00AU at least. How much difference do these things make on say the WR400?? are they something thats easily justified considering the price? Any info would be good. [This message has been edited by WR400inOZ (edited October 24, 2001).]
  10. WR400inOZ

    Blisters !!

    Nothing quite cures monkey butt like a good firm pair of Heshan Underpants! you guys are weak!! You need to stand up more if you still get monkey butt! Hava great weekend.
  11. WR400inOZ

    Blisters !!

    Vasalene for Monkey butt !!!! Man dont go there! ROFL The blue beast just has so much grunt I think I am just hanging on too hard! Tell us more aboutthese secret new undergloves SUnruh
  12. WR400inOZ

    Blisters !!

    Yes I have the Underwear Kevlar gloves that you wear under your exising gloves http://www.pcracingusa.com/UnderWAREpage.htm So far they seemed to have helped significantly more than if I did not wear them. They also breath very well, but become a bit of a pain when stopping and starting (taking your gloves off etc)
  13. WR400inOZ

    Superspox Stealth Sprockets

    Has anyone ever seen, used or thinking about using one of these stealth sprockets? If you don't know what I'm talking about check them out: http://www.supersprox.cz/stealth/ I'm just waiting on a shipment to arrive. They certainly look the goods. okay so i tried putting in a pic, but there a few pics at the website. [This message has been edited by WR400inOZ (edited September 30, 2001).]
  14. WR400inOZ

    Chain Lube

    errrm yeah.... nothing like a bit of WD-40 on the ole sausage in bread I'm really surprised at the amount of of riders using the trusty ole WD-40! Thanks again for all your feedback. Curtis. [This message has been edited by WR400inOZ (edited September 30, 2001).]
  15. WR400inOZ

    Chain Lube

    Well thankyou all for your replies. There seems to be some mixed feelings over the WD-40 thing. I use it only to prevent the chain from rusting after washing the bike, followed by a dose of lube on the inside (under the swingarm) of the chain. The Factory Yamaha WR chains are an O-Ring unit correct?