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  1. BEZZA

    Smog pump

    Ha ! Thanks for that, I will find out and let you know.
  2. BEZZA

    Smog pump

    can anybody help me out with this question, does the smog pump on the crfx come as a factory addition for California only, or are there other states/countries that need this mod? Does anyone from Australia know if they are on the ADR list for Australian bikes??? Thanks in advance!!
  3. BEZZA

    2008 Models reliable??

    Does anyone know how the 08 crf valvetrains are holding up? Just wondering which way to go, are the DOHC engines any more reliable than the SOHC ?
  4. Hi All, does anyone know where I can get hold of the plans for full sticker/graphic kits for mxers, I want to design my own, thanks in advance
  5. BEZZA

    Front sprocket gearing

    Can somebody please tell me what the largest size front sprocket will fit on a 05 crf250r Thanks in advance
  6. BEZZA

    OIL--600ml EACH SIDE???

    Thanks guys, I have gone with 700 on the tranny side, im sure it will be fine.
  7. BEZZA

    OIL--600ml EACH SIDE???

    I have been told that 600ml (metric) of oil in each side of my 05 CRF 250 is enough, does this sound ok? Ive been running with it, 10 hrs since rebuild and all is good..
  8. Hey All I did a search, but still need an answer to this. just had new intake valves put in my 05, and after 2.2 hours they are all on the money, except the left intake (double checked) is at 0.004. My question is should i re shim one valve now, or wait to see when the right side has moved a bit, and shim both? I have a limited understanding of these beasties, and dont want to risk the left side heading south on me while i wait for the right side to settle. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey All, Has anyone used these? www.lifesavertcb.com Its a bolt on for all bikes, that makes the bike have an ABS action when braking. Was gonna get some, but not sure. Anyone had anything to do with them?? Cheers Bezza.
  10. BEZZA

    rubber bar mounts move

    Hi, The rubber bar mount inserts move after the smallest off, can somebody please tell me where I can get some solid mounts to replace them, also to fit protaper bars? I have a 05 crf250 Thanks in advance
  11. BEZZA

    CRF250r manual

    Hey All, Ive bought a 05 crf250r and it didnt have a manual, does anyone know where i can download a copy free? thanks
  12. BEZZA

    pushing through corners

    Didnt check the sag there Teach, my friend is of the same weight and ability as myself, so I figured the bike would be setup fairly close to what would work for me. The bike had recently been setup by a reputable mechanic and has good stable manners(except where I mentioned). Even as I have gleaned much from your small paragraph of wisdom, you have failed to answer my question, which was DOES THE YZF250 TEND TO PUSH OUT OF CORNERS WHEN IN STOCK Simple question really, everybody else got it right
  13. BEZZA

    pushing through corners

    Thats what i was doing in bowl turns and hairpins, which was ok, it was really noticeable on sweeping bends and off cambers, maybe its just me
  14. Hey Spent a day on a friends 04 yzf 250, all stock, and the front end seemed to want to push through turns, had to really get up over the tank to stop it from wandering is this a well known and accepted trait of the yzf 250s? I remember reading about this issue with the 06, just wondering if it has been around since the 04 The bike was set to stock and had a new 756 on the front Thanks
  15. BEZZA

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks for that!!!