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  1. yerf

    Official Huntersville trail ride thread

    I will be there both days.
  2. yerf

    Theilman, MN trail ride Sept 6-7th

    2pm Sunday
  3. Rekluse Pro - I only ride woods and it is amazing how much easy it makes everything. I have a 51 rear sprocket but I bought the bike (used) with it on so I have no basis for comparison. I also have a 9oz flywheel weight and revalved suspension. With all these mods, the 450 is an amazing woods machine. Obviously there is more power than needed but throttle control is all you need to keep it in check. With the Rekluse, I put it in 2nd and don't think about it again for single track. I bought the bike with the suspension already revalved softer for woods so I cannot compare to stock, either.
  4. yerf

    Reminder Sticky Notes On Bars

    I wrote two motivational sayings on squares of duct tape and put them on my crossbar pad. One says You gotta want it and the other says Smooth Smart Finish. I put them on my bike for the National Enduro a few weeks ago. I think they helped - I finished and rode mistake-free. When riding I don't look at my crossbar pad, but my stopwatch is on it and when I glace at the time, I don't read the sayings, but I know they are there and think of them. I did read them at the resets and gas stops. I will keep them on my bike until the duct tape falls off.
  5. yerf

    Theilman, MN trail ride Sept 6-7th

    Good to meet all you guys Saturday and ride together. It is nice to put real faces with user names! Chris, were on on the trails of the east side when it started raining? I was and it turned into a nightmare. Snotty, slippery and greasy :-(
  6. yerf

    Theilman, MN trail ride Sept 6-7th

    Chris, yerf = Frey backwards. We'll for sure do a few runs! You'll have to test my YZ to see how it compares to your ride.
  7. yerf

    Theilman, MN trail ride Sept 6-7th

    I should be there around noon Saturday. Tan suburban, three rail trailer, YZ450F.
  8. Saturday does not work for me. I have no clue why but when I first read this post and replied, I thought we were talking about Friday, August 22. Looking at it now, nowhwere does this thread mention Aug 22. I even typed Saturday, but meant Friday. I was in major la-la land. Sorry. I have work off tomorrow and was thinking about riding then. Saturday I'm going to relax, do a little bike prep and drive up to Nemadji late afternoon.
  9. yerf

    Golden Eagles trailride sept. 6th & 7th in MN

    It's about a 15min drive from the main campground to the other side. You come back thru Theilman. It is no big deal plus you have arrows to follow.
  10. I just had a Rekluse Pro installed on my '07. This weekend was the first time I got to try it out. I encountered a similar problem - I ride woods and found that sometimes if I was coming into a turn in 2nd and applied heavy braking over rocks/roots/whoops, the bike would flame out. On similar situations where I was only in 1st, the bike did not have this problem. This weekend was only the second time I've ridden the bike and the temps were over 80, which is quite warm. I'm no jetting expert and have not had to fiddle with it much on the bikes I've owned. But my hunch is that I'm rich in the low carb circuits. Am I going in the right direction? Disclaimers: my clutch basket is starting to show some grooves. I plan to replace it with a Hinson shortly. My fiber plates are on their way out, will be replaced this week. Other: despite a few stalls, I eventually learned to avoid them and really enjoyed my new 450. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to re-start after a stall (1 kick usually). Also, I think the bike is easier to ride than any bike I've owned, which includes a 250 four-stroke and 250 two-stroke. Yesterday after close to 50mi of single track, I had never felt that fresh or that ready to go do more!
  11. The 2007 Huntersville enduro was the first time I rode my YZ250 after buying it. Gives you a heck of an intro to your new bike! I would be up for Arkansaw or Knobby Ridge.
  12. Where are you thinking you'd want to ride? I would like to get some seat time Saturday as a warm up for the National.
  13. yerf

    Golden Eagles trailride sept. 6th & 7th in MN

    I want to say there were 15mi of trails on the main campground side. The river bottoms section was the best. Not sure on mileage but it was 10min of really fast, flowing trail. The other side was much more challenging and longer.
  14. yerf

    Golden Eagles trailride sept. 6th & 7th in MN

    The Theilman trail ride is awesome. I will be there Saturday morning thru Sunday afternoon. Anyone know if they've fixed the bridge yet?
  15. There may be some corrosion on the pistons or in the calipers. Pull off the caliper, take everything apart and lightly rub off any built-up corrosion. If the seals look questionable, replace them. I think a seal kit is $15-20. It's a pretty easy job with an air compressor. Just use caution - when you put air on the pistons, they come flying out!