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  1. badboymatt

    oily slosh in air box

    i dont oil my air filter, i just wash it after every ride, so after todays ride i notice oily slosh coming out of the airbox thingy at the bottam and its all round the botton of my shock spring. so i opend my side door and stick my hand in and find the bottom of my filter in oily slush? since i dont oil my filter i know i didnt put it their? so where did it come from, i had a few spills of the bike today and it was on its side a few times, but no longer than 30 seconds, is it possible it could be fuel, it dosent smell like it tho? and i also noticed that after i got my piston and rings done at the bike shop it was blogging a wee bit, and today i tightend the clip where the rubber b4 the carb tightens to the engine, would that cause the oily sludge? and make it bogg a bit? oh its on a crf 250x 2004
  2. badboymatt

    broken hub thingy

    thanks all.
  3. badboymatt

    broken hub thingy

    what ya mean for a while????. i managed to buy me a set of an 06 crf450 or $500 nz so i plan on just using them
  4. badboymatt

    broken hub thingy

    i just broke the nub that the rear disk screws into while changing a tyre, will a wheel of a crf450 06 fit?, its just that i may be able to get a st cheep
  5. badboymatt

    450 head pipe?

    doh, i better sell it then.
  6. badboymatt

    450 head pipe?

    if i add a 450 crf header pipe what will happen to the exhaust?
  7. badboymatt

    starting probs

    i got a 04 crfx. latley it has trouble starting with the e start, i have to crash start it, it wont even kick over. it also feels like it got no comperssion. after riding for 10 mins it starts again ok, but anything after 30 min not riding i have to crash start it again, kickin it over is impossiable. i have had the battey on trickle charg prior to going for a ride (2 days of charging) and the bike gets ridden weekley.so i know the battery is ok. so whats the advice you guys out their can come up with
  8. badboymatt

    04 05 diffences

    this bike has the sticker on the side guards, so im assuming it is a 04 with hat sticker.
  9. badboymatt

    04 05 diffences

    thanks to all.......we got an 04
  10. badboymatt

    04 05 diffences

    what were the differences between the 04 and the 05 yz250f, just the ovious. a work mate just brought one but we cant tell if it is a 04 or 05
  11. badboymatt

    sound test

    how do they measure the sound from the exhaust,i know they use a machine, but how far away from the exhaust do they hold it and at what rev the bike doing? is it taken when idoling or half throtle? etc
  12. badboymatt


    YEP GO FOR THE 496 i put one on last week, big difference....i aut open the air box and its even bettter.
  13. badboymatt

    what next?

    thanks ill get the shop to jet it for me
  14. badboymatt

    what next?

    what ya mean gonna blow it up?
  15. badboymatt

    what next?

    any suggestions on what needel etc... i took the mesh out of the air filter screen and it kinda blowes flames out of exhaust. is this good or bad? does that mean i have to cut my air box to make it breath? i ride in new zealand, no more than 300-500 meters above see leavel. cheers