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  1. Can anyone confirm that an 05 RM250 cylinder is exactly the same as a 06 cylinder? I found a good deal on an 06 cylinder, hoping it will fit my 05. Any RM engine gurus around? Thanks in advance Robert
  2. Saw a kickass lookin' XR supermoto with a W-I-D-E rear tire going down I-70 West today in the rain. Anybody here?
  3. Suzuki Kauai can sell you a street legal E model. 808-246-4753.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll bring it with me. As far as shipping goes, I'm not sure about the bike itself. I'm just going to put it in the container with the rest of my stuff.
  5. I have a 100% street legal 2006 DRZ400e, registered, titled and insured in the state of Hawaii. I'm going to Maryland later this year. I would like to take my bike, but not if I cant ride it on the street. Are there any MD riders here that have run into problems registering their bike? I have a steel SM gas tank I can run if that will make a difference. Should I sell it or keep it? Thanks guys, Robert
  6. BUY THEM. NOW!!!! I never thought I would need them. I dont ride too hard. But, sure enough, my shifter hit the stator cover, and caused a small crack which would have been prevented by the case savers. And the TT logo looks nice.
  7. If you are on Oahu, get an S. Neighbor islands, get an E. They are easy to get plated.
  8. We had a couple bikes out at the track, 06 SM bone stock- 14.5, 02 s model, 493 stroker, holley carb, yosh pipe, race slick, 13.3.