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  1. ruggedrider

    XR200R Suspension

    I have a 2002 XR200R. I have had it for 3 years and the suspension sucks. I notice there are air valves in the front forks-will this make them stiffer if i fill them up with air, or is this for something else.....how much air>? Could someone tell me how to also change the oil in them to a 10wt oil-how much to put in etc. Also i think im going to send the rear shock to esp to have it rebuilt for around $200. I would like to buy a new/good used shock but cant seem to find much of a selection. Any help would be great.
  2. ruggedrider

    Crf230 Vs Xr200

    Yeah...same here. I shouldve been thinking better when i made an account here to have my name ridehard....but o well. later.
  3. ruggedrider

    Crf230 Vs Xr200

    i have a 230f and dad has a 200r. the xr200r is a 2002, i say its weekest link is its suspension. the 230 seems to have more get and go to it, like a pop that has all its fiz left compared to a pop with none. im not saying i dont like the 200r, its an excellent bike, but i like riding the 230 better. all you have to do is a few upgrades and you can do alot of things with these two bikes. P.S. oldtimer this is ridehard off of crfsonly.com