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  1. HUSKY 100

    What should i buy ?

    Thanks guys for the input, I have called my dealer to have asap that WR300 Greetz Danny
  2. HUSKY 100

    What should i buy ?

    Hi Guys, I'm suffering... after 10 Husky's of wich the present is a 510 TE 08, I want to trade it in for a 2 stroke. The WR 300 09 looks good but has no el starter and no hydraulic clutch. I'm thinking about a KTM 300 EXC six days version. It's more expensive than Husky but I really don't know what to buy.. I had 12 years ago a WR360 but after that one always 4 strokes... What is your experience with the later 2strokes against the KTM's ? Waiting on the reply's
  3. HUSKY 100

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Key Account Manager Fleet sales Mercedes Benz. Now riding my 10th or 11th Husqvarna. Lost the exact number...
  4. HUSKY 100

    Sprinter Husky Hauler

    Well guys, it is quite easy to do. 2 bikes in each corner facing forward, then 2 bikes backwards in between the 2 first bikes. Second row exactly the same makes 8 bikes. The van is inside covered with multiplex wood so we don't have any damage:applause: Because of this way of loading the bikes are very close to each other and they don't move during the traveling. The only thing to do is put some old cloths between the footpegs and plastics... Thats it ! Greetz Danny
  5. HUSKY 100

    Sprinter Husky Hauler

    Another one: http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/BellaItaliaClaeys07001.jpg Greetz
  6. HUSKY 100

    Sprinter Husky Hauler

    Hello, as organiser for endurotrips around Europe we use a Sprinter 318 Cdi LWB . We can load up to 8 bikes plus gear in it. And we take also a small trailer with 2 bikes on it. So this makes 10 bikes plus all the gear. Those Sprinters are great and very comfortable to ride long distances. Check our site ( www.offroad-adventure.be ) and the pictures just before start in Italy last winter. Greetz PS you will be thinking " hey where is the Husky" ? You are right , I had on that trip a KTM because my TE 510 06 was stolen and the new 08 was not delivered.... http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/BellaItaliaClaeys07004.jpg http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/BellaItaliaClaeys07002.jpg
  7. HUSKY 100

    Fuel consumption

    Hello, Im riding now for 6 months a 08 510 TE and have a fuel consumption of 1 liter per 10 km. Is this the same with your bikes ? My dealer has tried to lower it through the settings on the EFI but no result so far... Any tips or to do's ? I'm riding mainly woodsections and have the sportexhaust mounted. Removed the lambda also ? The KTM have at least 25 to 30 % lower consumption. With our tank of 7.2 liter it gives a poor 70 km range. Waiting on your reply's !! Greetz
  8. HUSKY 100

    Removing carbon canister from 08 TE510

    Hello, what is the advantage of removing this canister ? It is maybe a stupid question but I don't see the point.
  9. HUSKY 100

    Performance kit for 08 TE's

    Well I have the kit now since a few weeks and as already mentioned the bike is faster. But he is louder then last year, has no higher fuelconsumption but a smaller tank so you have to look out to fill it after 65 to 70 km which is low. Last year I drove a 100 km without any problem with my carb TE 510. We are having here in Belgium a elevation of 0 to 250 meter. Later this month Im in Slovenia ( 1250 m ) and later this year in Spain and Italy ( up to 3000 m ). I don't expect any problem with the elevation because the EFI schould level this out... An advantage is the heat, it is lower with the Arrow pipe then with the Original Cat pipe but look out for the airbox who is fitted close to the pipe. Also look out for the rear brake. No one has spoken about this. The rear brake pipe is folded against the engine. After riding 300 km is has damaged the case. Watch out for this because you can have a serious damage trough this. Have fun with you new bikes !! www.offroad-adventure.be http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/TE51008006.jpg http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/TE51008005.jpg http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/TE51008004.jpg
  10. HUSKY 100

    Performance kit for 08 TE's

    Hello, I have the performance kit installed on my bike. Cost was 250 euro including the work. Work was the removal of the lambda-thing and put a plug in. It works great and you can feel the difference. Full power for sure !!
  11. HUSKY 100

    The first TE 510 2008 in Belgium delivered

    Well here is the update. Drove this morning about 120 km offroad, mostly forests and tiny grassroads. This new bike runs extremely well, much, much better than last year.Handeling is perfect. The bike is shorter and you can really feel this. It corners better and you move your weight more easy to the front by the shape from the new fueltank.. Your knees are advanced forward almost to the fuel cap.This because of the new placement of the footpegs. The EFI works perfect, I only had 2 bad warmstarts. There is no warmstart button as on the 2006 model.So no gaps and no backfiring. Power enough to keep up and overtake 2 new KTM 530 who were riding along with me. Minor thing is the exhaust. You will burn your boots on the exhaust. So I will have to make a protector because I can not buy it at my dealer. Suspentions are as always flawless. I only have to adjust the rearshock because it is a bit to soft.. So as already mentioned I'm waiting for the racing exhaust and mapping ( removal from the lambda ) and then it will give me a extra boost. Conclusion : This is the best I ever had. It is now my 10th Husky and already loving it from the start.
  12. HUSKY 100

    The first TE 510 2008 in Belgium delivered

    My dealer used the original rims and brought them to a local paintshop. There they have anodised the rims wich is a very strong solution and the color won't go away after a few month's like other paints. What concerns the fatbar, it is a fatbar with the following n° on it 604 51023. Hopefully this helps you a bit further.
  13. HUSKY 100

    The first TE 510 2008 in Belgium delivered

    Well I'm happy that you guys like the combination. I changed the stock rims to red ones and the tommaselli handlebar to a red Renthal Fatbar.For the rest its stock and I'm waiting for the racingmuffler. My dealer told me that later on you can buy a special part to replace the lamba sonde wich you can see on the exhaustpipe. At that moment it is completly free with the maximum horsepower. Later this week I will send some pictures while playing in the dirt...
  14. HUSKY 100

    The first TE 510 2008 in Belgium delivered

    Well I can confirm it : It's a great bike. It handels even better than the 06. The injection is perfect, no on/off feeling, easy to have the right amount of gas and power. It was the first ride with the catalyst muffler so I'm waiting for the racing exhaust. This should give some more torque and power without screaming loudness... This week I will go for a longer ride, I will send some more outdoor pictures. Pictures as asked : http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/HusqvarnaTE5102008005.jpg / http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/HusqvarnaTE5102008003.jpg / http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee229/Husky100_bucket/HusqvarnaTE5102008001.jpg Regards, Danny
  15. Finaly after waiting and waiting I have my new TE 510 in my garage. It is now my 10th Husky and still loving them.. 2 minor things : the mufler and rearlight are not the same than the one's we have seen on all the pictures in the media. The led rearlight and muffler are racing parts wich I had to order separate today. They will charge me ??? euro's because the dealer doesn't know the exact pricing. Tomorrow the first ride, can't wait to ride this beauty greetz