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  1. RMZ450118

    Chain Question...

    The chain is 114 links unless you changed your sprockets to a different size. I recommend the DID MX chain. The ERT Wore out fast.
  2. RMZ450118

    06RMZ450 oil question

    I used the suzuki 10-40 for the 1st two oil changes. Then switched to Motul V300. It shouldnt matter what oil you use as long as you change it often. Make sure you adjust the cam chain, I adjust mine every oil change. I change my oil after every ride but thats just me.
  3. RMZ450118

    im tall....

    I'm 6"3 and have a size 15 feet. I have no problems riding the bike. I put CR Hi bars on it and thats it besides the suspension. I have had no problems with the bike as far as reliability goes.
  4. RMZ450118

    Finding neutral on a RMZ 450

    LOL I use my hand JK The bike is hard to get in nuetral but it wouldn't prevent me from buying another one.
  5. RMZ450118

    '06 RMZ450 Pipe?

    Does any one have a stock header pipe for sale for a 06 RMZ450
  6. RMZ450118

    Should I get it?

    $$6350 what are you crazy. Just kidding I think you got a good deal for the yellow one. The best price I could find was 6100 otd for a blue one. Enjoy your new ride.