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  1. dblover4ever86

    Converting a 350 SX-F to a woods bike

    I ride in really rocky conditions so the skid plate is a must. As far as the linkage guard goes the KTM linkage looks similar to what was on my 05 CRF450R and I never had any problems with that. Is KTM known for having weak/exposed linkage?
  2. Just picked up a leftover 2014 KTM 350 SX-F for a good price and im needing some help turning it into a woods weapon. I have a good idea of some of the stuff I want to do but could use some help with bike specific accessories. I have never owned a KTM so im not in the know on tricks and shortcuts. Stuff Im adding Rekluse 3.0 core kickstand pro moto billet bark busters (any recomendations appreciated) 18 inch rear tire Stuff I may need radiator cap high pressure? better coolant hoses? radiator Fan?
  3. dblover4ever86

    Virginia riders

    Any body interested in heading to durahamtown plantation in GA September 12th 13th and 14th. A group of four of us are going so far. Anybody is welcome
  4. dblover4ever86

    05 crf450r hard start

    After reading forums for hours I tried advancing cam sproket one tooth to no avial. The head has been checked and rechecked for proper seating clearance in spec including decomp arm. put new rings in trying to guess at problem no help. If I take plug out and heat it up it starts takes a lot of kicks still. I rode today for a couple hours and it ran great once started, starts first kick warmed up. Carb cleaned and set to spec except I did turn fuel srew to two turns out instead of factory 1 7/8. I check carb and engine seems to get fuel just fine so I am down to maybe a weak spark coil, cdi. any thing im overlooking?
  5. dblover4ever86

    05 crf450r hard start

    valves in spec and compression is good
  6. dblover4ever86

    05 crf450r hard start

    Background: bike has 150 or so hours on it. 50 hours ago it started getting harder and harder to start so i checked valves and they were way out of spec. sent head to local honda shop new valves and head set up. i thought that was the problem but after rechecking valves and seats new piston rings and carb cleaned it still takes about 20-30 kicks to get started. It dosent even sound like its doing anything and then it will fire up. Its only on a cold start that is acts up. once started runs great and starts easy hot. It has a boyseen quickshot on it. Any ideas?
  7. dblover4ever86


    checked the valves they are in spec. Should I put Piston and Rings in or Can i just do rings?
  8. dblover4ever86


    I have a 05 CRF450R prob 100hrs on it. recently had head and valves done at a Honda shop, new spark plug, has had a problem starting cold for a while. It acts like it doesnt want to start at all for the first 5-10 kicks sometimes 15-20 and then it starts and runs great. Hot start is no problem. It always starts but it just takes forever no matter if I use the 3 throttle twist before starting or any other starting procedure. Has compression but I have never changed the rings could they be the problem?
  9. dblover4ever86

    New to the brand

    Took my first ride yesterday and I love it. The suspension is great and power everywhere. I did have a small problem I stalled it on a technical section and when I restarted it I had backfire issues that went on for 10 minutes. I cut off the bike and restarted it any everything was great. Is this common?
  10. dblover4ever86

    New to the brand

    First question is the rear brake rotor supposed to have play around the metal bushings? Is it normal or wore? Its like a floating rotor and caliber no side to side but up and down
  11. dblover4ever86

    New to the brand

    Just picked up a 08 TE510 with 1100 mi on it. Never owned a husky and closet dealer is 60 miles away any tips?
  12. dblover4ever86

    Hatfield McCoy- September 29th weekend

    A group of 5 of us will be riding at pinnacle creek and indian ridge on that same weekend. Anybody want to join?
  13. dblover4ever86

    xr400 electric start/dual sport

    Bought a 400ex bottom end,wiring harness and starter of ebay for swap with my xr400. I know it will not be a direct bolt in but I have step by step instuctions on modifiing the frame of ADV rider. My question is its plated and does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagraphm or info on swapping the wiring harness and adapting the 400ex wiring for dual sport?
  14. dblover4ever86


    I have kicked many times and went thru two plugs and I still cant get my bike started. Never had a problem until intake valves got super tight a couple of months ago. Had head reworked and new intake valves put in. I have not started it since. I have compression,timing,spark,and fuel and it wont start. I shimmed my exhaust valves a little tight spec is .011 and i have .010 and .009. Decompression set at book spec .014. could tight exhaust valves be the problem?
  15. dblover4ever86

    rebuild XR400 416 reliable?

    04 XR400 with about 18,000 miles on it. I want to do a complete rebuild. I have a TRX 400ex bottom end so I can do the electric start conversion. For the top end Im thinking of going with a 416 wiseco piston I think its 87mm or something. I wanted to know is boring to 416 a safe bet for longgevity? I want to run 93 octane and no higher so the 440 kit is out of the question. Plus I can get a good deal on the piston kit. also on another note if the valves are still in spec should I just have them cleaned up or replace them with Stainless Steel?