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  1. banffboy

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    It was an awesome event! Can't wait for this weekend, really looking forward to it:thumbsup:
  2. banffboy

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    You need to "click" on the header and it opens the whole results:thumbsup: I think there were 90+ riders
  3. banffboy

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    Love it!!
  4. banffboy

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    Really looking forward to it fellas:thumbsup: Hope that log is a big one Ron!
  5. banffboy

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    I'm signed up
  6. banffboy

    Any Calgary riders here?

    check here www.rockymountaindirtriders.com local club out of Calgary with a great web site/forum
  7. banffboy

    Need some info... Blairmore Alberta

    You got it! We may be making a fall trip your way....and don't mind a little "Stupid" now and then
  8. banffboy

    Need some info... Blairmore Alberta

    Red 450, longtime no see. I rode with you in Summerland about 5 years ago, you took us for "nice" ride on the Stupid trail You can try getting a hold of Lee Fryberger or Clint Riviere. I know Lee is leaving for Erzberg this weekend. There might be some more info on our local web site www.rockymountaindirtriders.com Chuck:cheers:
  9. banffboy

    Alberta Dirt Riders Hare scramble / XC

    You can get more info on the races form these sites www.albertadirtriders.com, www.rockymountaindirtriders.com, and www.secondgearclub.com . The races have all levels, for all abilities. A H/S is approx. a 15-20km loop, you do as many as you can in your allotted time( usually 2hrs or pros/expert 2.5 hrs). Crosscountry's a longer usually 2 or 3 loop race (all loops being different) with gas stop. Crosscountry's tend to be more technically challenging. There is a race at Porcupine Hills this longweekend coming
  10. banffboy

    Okanagan hare scramble series

    Really enjoyed the race. Great course and mint conditions!
  11. banffboy

    Anybody been to Mclean Creek (Alberta) Recently?

    Mclean is closed until May, not that you could ride there anyway with all the snow. Porkies still has lots of snow. Waiparous has very limited legal riding, most of the area was shut down when GAMP was introduced. You can find more info at www.rockymountaindirtriders.com
  12. banffboy

    08 ktm 300 carb jet change

  13. banffboy

    Favorite coolant?

  14. banffboy

    What 2 stroke oil smells

    I think Klotz smelled like strawberries
  15. banffboy

    Jetting Needle Choice. Chaz Are u around?

    I have a N3EH,CH,EW, and CW. I've tested with all 4 needles. I have each one set with the clip in the third pos. I really prefer the CW needle as it gives a "torquey" feel. I ride mainly technical singletrack. I'm at 4,500'-6,000', temps have gotten alot cooler +1or2 up to +10 C. I run 35pj and a 162mj. I rode all last winter with a 35pj and 162mj and the N3CH in the 3rd pos. The N3CW needle was recommended by "pobit"over at KTMtalk for 50-70F temps and my elevation. Just my 02cents