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  1. hi iam from the Whitsundays(north QLD) , but have been living in San diego for the last 10 years. have a XR 650R spend all my spare time either surfing or riding in baja ,the border to mexico is only 20 min from my house. great riding mainly race course stuff baja 250,500,1000.lots of great history and great riding. if any one from OZ lives hear give me a call heading to mex in a month for a 700 mile loop for 4 days ( san felipe to SanFransisquito )
  2. Rod Millen in huntinton beach Ca has been spear heading this technology for years check out great guy one of the best race car drivers of our time. to bad he is a kiwi jk
  3. homemade local paint guy did mine for $25 it has lasted well
  4. from Whitsundays now living in San diego
  5. e-mail this guy David k he knows Baja like the back of his hand. e-mail him @ his web site is loads of good info? .safe rideing and good times
  6. thanks i will try the Orphanage they could do with help
  7. does anybody know of a safe place to leave a truck for days. going to Mike's and a few other places any ideas??
  8. hi i have the same set up with k&n filter i also was confused about the screen.this is what i came up with instead of throwing away the old screen to wast more money on some after market product , i spoke with a friend and he suggested cutting away 2 of the 3 layers of the stock mesh leaving one. you have to be careful but it does not take to long and works just fine. just my 2 cents worth.
  9. you just need to make sure the batteries can not bounce around i had the same issues . i jammed a piece of wire down between the battery and internal housing problem solved.
  10. it is Arizona , start your bike and ride in any direction, when you get down to half a tank turn around an go home,repeat this as much as you would watch out for the BLM,pss tell your brother to go to the S.C.O.R.E races in Laughlin I beleive it is the weekend of the 14th January.