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    Building buggies, Custom Bikes, and going to the Desert as often as possible
  1. joejohnson1369

    DR-Z 400 S No start

    That is NOT what I wanted to hear. I bought the puller Friday, but havent had time to start on it yet. I will let you know what I find when I get inside. Thanks a lot for the advice. Joe
  2. joejohnson1369

    DR-Z 400 S No start

    OK, hey thanks, and I'm sure I'll have questions, so thanks very much
  3. joejohnson1369

    DR-Z 400 S No start

    OK, so i'm no stranger to mechanics. I was a tech for 15 years in the auto field. Is this something I can repair myself, or do I accept my wallets fate and go to Suzuki?
  4. joejohnson1369

    DR-Z 400 S No start

    OK so I'm out riding the trails yesterday, and I hear a clunk noise from my bike. I stopped, and it sounded fine, so I figured I ran something over. When I got home, I shut her down. I went to go out again, and the starter just spins. I pulled the cover, and the bendix gear is intact, and spins. All teeth are intact on the reduction gear, but the gears that are in the case freewheel both ways. Does anyone have any idea what happened, and the extent of the repairs might be. I've been riding for 30 years, and believe it or not this is my first electric start dirt bike. There is no way I'm trying to push start this pig out in the desert. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Joe Johnson