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  1. COPO

    2004 YZF 250 No compression

    Ok I hear you guys... I will hold off on the grinding and locate some shims. What does the number on the shim represent? Can't be thousandths of an inch and it can't be MM. Any idea? Just a reference #? Does the valve stem stretch that much? Or is it the fact that the valve face is seating further into the seat? I am trying to get a handle on what actually caused the valve to go out of adj. that much to begin with. Thanks again
  2. COPO

    2004 YZF 250 No compression

    Thanks the manual is very helpfull. One exhaust valve was hung open. After removing the cams the compression is right there. Only thing is I need to remove about .007 off the shim. I am going to do this with my surface grinder. Will let everyone know how I made out. Thanks again to all!
  3. COPO

    2004 YZF 250 No compression

    Thanks guys. This is not my bike I am fixing it for someone. I will get the manual. Well after checking it tonight it turns out one of the exhaust valves has "0" clearance. Actually holding the exhaust valve open.
  4. COPO

    2004 YZF 250 No compression

    Thanks, after searching I have come to the conclusion that it is valve adjustment. Anyone know what the clearance is for this bike?
  5. Hi.. new guy here. I have a 04 yzf that has no compression. Tore it down and checked everything, ring gap, piston to wall clearance, head gasket ect.. but just eyeballed the valves and runners. I didn't see any light coming through. everything looks good. I am at a loss. Are these bikes prone to doing this and what could be the causing it? I am going to tear this back down soon. Thanks for any help