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  1. Lizard 1

    Beaverun 8/10

    You guys need to come down to Circleville for the local races. We need as many riders as we can get.
  2. Lizard 1

    How Are the 06s holding Up?

    Welp, my bikes has been wonderful and I am glad I left Honda for the Blue guy. However, I have been dealing with a major suspension issue. The rear shock has been acting like it is all spring since about the 5 hr. mark. We took it apart and the oil looked like beer foam. We reassembled it and replced with the good Yamaha stuff (SR-1) and rode it for about another 5 hours - same thing. The compression valve looked fine - no tears in the o-rings. The bladder was fine, no oil residue anywhere, etc., etc., etc. We're kinda at a loss and will be sending it out to Enzo to have it checked out. Really bummed, but I'm at a loss. Outside that, it is a great machine. Not thrilled on the front end feel, but lowering the forks and changing the tires have helped, but the RMZ my buddy has seems better planted. Overall, an A for the bike. Little things like I have issue with are more preference than anything.
  3. Lizard 1

    06 yz 450 supermoto kit cost?

    I did get your point. You seemingly are Mr. Moto GP seeing how you like to wave credentials around. Here's my issue - you are saying that the bike didn't handle and wasn't up to the "job" with what you were wanting it to do. Sounds like you're a contender for AMA Supermoto champion. Great. Wonderful. Let's see... 250GP (I assume you're refering to a local series and not the World series), Superbike, Supermoto, MX, SX... You must be a busy guy. Since you're so well versed in these different disciplines, are you a master of none? Look, the machine is definately going to be limited once he reaches a certain stage. HOWEVER, if he is starting (And, he is) and decides he is going to listen to you, the ever so talented racer of all motorcycles, then he is going to fork over some serious loot. $1,000 - Suspension $1,200+ - Wheels $1,000+ - Engine $800+ - Slipper $300+ - (1) set of tires $250+ - Radial Brake and master cylinder $300+ - Front 320mm rotor $75+ - Rear wave rotor $75+ - Braided front line $100 - Handguards $$$$? - Multiple upgrades needed for pro level competition. So, add in a bike and add the total cost of $5100+ to that total and you still may have a ways to go. Plus, if you don't get to the AMA Pro level and decide it isn't for you, you can sell it all for MAYBE $8k. Or, this guy from Thailand could buy it since he's obviously at the ability level to use it all...
  4. Lizard 1

    06 yz 450 supermoto kit cost?

    Well, we all aren't AMA pro status racers so, the mods you suggest are ok if he's a full blown racer in a series where the competition is high end, but to start out, many guys read so much and feel if it is good for the pros, I gotta have it for my bike. That's not always the case. As far as tires go, we have guys that run locally that run SV650 take-off tires with tons of hours on them and they can run at the front all night long. It boils down to ability - not what bolt-ons you have. I get sick and tired of reading guys comments like "If you want to win, you need this...". Total BS. For top AMA racing, sure. For local/club stuff, not always. Buy a set of used wheels, grab some tires (New or used), get some brakes and drop the front. The ol' slipper is a band-aid for the old guys who just learned to slip their clutch via a smooth hand. All that bolt-on stuff is great, but for starters, it's wasted money. We got a kid locally that qualified for an AMA Prolites event and placed mis pack on a stock YZ250F. All he had was a slipper. No trick suspension, no trick motor work, just a set of good wheels, Moto Master brake set-up and a slipper. I think he'd have qualified even w/o a slipper as he has MX background and surely knows how to use a lever. He does extremely well at the local level and at NASMOTO events. Point is simple. You can do above average if your skill level is there. Work on the skills and learn from the ground up. Buying all the fancy bolt-ons will have you starting out with the best set-up and when and if you don't become a Doug Henry, all that money you spent could have been put towards track time which would have been better spent than bolt-ons and would have got you faster. People forget that you cannot buy ability. Learn the basics. Ride your Supermoto set-up at a local MX track. Learn in a parking lot so that the dust and dirt on the pavement help you to slide and understand the physics of a motorcycle. THEN, go to your local series and run on a proper track and you'll find that your ability will get you farther than someone's opinion that you need top shelf stuff to win.
  5. Lizard 1

    My own Biker Build Off for High Point!

    Just was asking as the frames look 100% identical. Maybe the same source? I see the oil coolers are similar, etc. Except the swingarm and a few choice parts, they appear very similar. The SDG has Marz forks - what are those? I'm not bustin' balls, just trying to figure it all out. It appears that many of these minis are either from the same sources for parts. Many are assembled better than others and some have choice parts, but I was just asking as again, the Tucker Rep in our state has one for sale and it is very well priced with upgrades... I know you are a distributor or something from your avatar, but just was asking what exactly are the differences?
  6. Lizard 1

    My own Biker Build Off for High Point!

    Is the Pitster Pro the same as the SDG? The frame and such looks identical... Just asking as a rep has one for sale and was thinking about buying it...
  7. Lizard 1

    CRF50 parts that swap over to a TTR50???

    So, I could get a TTR50 motor in a chromo frame made for a CRF50 with just a few welded tabs? That would be sweet!
  8. Lizard 1

    Ok, Circleville, Ohio motard guys....

    By the way, guys. I have Hutch's, Andrew's, and Anthony's email addy. I know Andrew's and Anthony's user names, but need the following: -Hutch. What's your user name on here? -VFRket - what is your email addy. It may have been mixed in with my SPAM stuff and accidently been deleted. Guys - when shooting me your email address, include your user name so we can relate to who we are talking to. I will put together a spread sheet or just keep adding to an email as I get more names. If you sent me something, I appologize if you're not listed above, but put in the header "Supermoto list" or something similar so I can catch it before I delete my SPAM files. Let me know, guys. bhealea@columbus.rr.com
  9. Lizard 1

    Ok, Circleville, Ohio motard guys....

    Ok, Monday's cool, but here's the deal with notifying guys here... Not everyone goes to this site and checks it frequently. Hence, the reason us three seem to be the only ones. My point is that if we get a pool of email addies, we can fire off a time and day. Here's my proposal. Get me an email list. I will take the list and forward it as I add riders to each of us. When one or a group of us goes and plans to ride, that person makes an email blast and lets everyone know. What the heck was with the tire test at Newcastle? Was that for Supermoto? Saw a bunch of tents up on Monday - figured it was a karting deal....
  10. Lizard 1

    Ok, Circleville, Ohio motard guys....

    Naw, it was an example. They have YSR guys down there this weekend. I'll be doing the MX thang at Highland Lakes... Let me rephrase that - I'll be trying to look like I can ride an MX bike at Highland Lakes...
  11. Lizard 1

    Ok, Circleville, Ohio motard guys....

    Guys, this only works if we can set a group ring that gets everyone involved and notified. This "I'm riding today at noon" crap doesn't help get the numbers bigger. Sorry I have been away, but we had some road race stuff this week and I have been tied up. Nonetheless, I only have three guys' emails. My view of this is simple. One guy wakes up and decides he's going to ride the NEXT day. Same day is poor planning because we cannot expect everyone to drop what they have set for the day and go ride. For example, I want to ride Sunday. I take the list of riders and blast an email stating heading to CRP for practice. Should be there at about 11am - anyone who wants to go, fire back or show up. That's an example of what can be listed in the email blast. Otherwise, we get one guy saying he's riding and then the rest of us catch the posting on this site or others two hours before he's supposed to be there. Tough getting a group sorted and organized in two hours... I'm not picking here. I'm trying to use things as an example so we all can have more fun at this. Come on, guys... Send me email addies. bhealea@columbus.rr.com
  12. Ok, got this chasis and stuff that is made for a CRF50. I also have a set of long travel forks. My thoughts? I wanted to place the TTR motor and such into the aftermarket CRF frame and whatnot. Or, I can use the TTR frame, bolt on the long travel swingarm and put on the long travel forks, but even though the TTR50 looks like a total knock off, is it? Currently, it has a pipe, spirings, wheels, bar kit, etc., but I want it with more clearance and getting rid of those cheese forks...
  13. Lizard 1

    Getting into it

    Be careful, you may get chastized for suggesting entry level products and steps in getting into Supermoto like I seem to be getting in the YZ thread above this one... Why is it that when someone suggests an entry level attitude to beginners, these guys claim "If you want half decent lap times, you need to do it all 100% like the factory guys do..."? I mean, start out simple, learn and progress. If you get to an AMA caliper level, THEN you can consider the bling. For now, test the waters and have fun. At the club level, you'll do rather well with a close to stock set-up. Do some suspension adjustment via lowering the front and some clicks here and there and do what feels right. As you progress, consider alternatives...
  14. Lizard 1

    06 yz 450 supermoto kit cost?

    Great advice if he's going to try an AMA event. Too many guys read too much and don't realize the potential of these bikes and the fact you don't need to buy the latest/greatest right off the bat. If that were the case, the KTM would need serious money thrown at it, as well. The suspension isn't AMA quality or top club quality - that would need MX-Tech's touch, the brakes are crap - replace those, the hubs are cast - not billet like evey other pro has, and the brakes aren't top shelf stuff, so throw it all away and start from scratch... Geez.... Sounds like the guy wants a good place to start. If he's like the rest of us, he isn't going to qualify for a 450 AMA National anytime soon and probably likes the fact that he can go from dirt to Supermoto with a few changes. I know I do. I am going to have Enzo do my forks, but keep them MX friendly. It'll help a bit at the Supermoto track, but all in all, do it on the cheap because the full pro "bling" set-up is most likely beyond 90% of the guys out there...
  15. Hopefully, when you picked the bike up from the dealership, you also took apart the steering head assembly and re-greased everything. That alone will go a long ways in keeping the bearings happy. I pull mine apart every 5 hours to check, but I did the initial re-greasing of the entire bike when I picked it up new...