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  1. supad48

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    48 pilot, 170 main, stock needle, clip in 6th, 2 turns a.s. 25 degrees when I rode, no issues what so ever, ran absolutely perfect, cold I have to use the hot start, choke, 4 pumps of throttle to start it up, once warm it starts first kick by itself, also became locked up once when it was cold, had to put it in gear and roll the wheel backwards to free it up, I couldnt even move the kick starter!
  2. supad48

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    yeah it was 12 degrees this morning, about 30 right now. thats pretty much how its been while i've been testing
  3. supad48

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    when it starts to hesitate and skip, I am holding the throttle right at 1/4. if I roll it more it goes past it, but if I roll the throttle from all the way closed to full open slowly it will hesitate when I get to 1/4 throttle, if I hold the throttle there it will keep doing it, if I roll the throttle on more it goes away. when I twist the throttle really quickly, it goes past it with the tiniest skip. If I just pin the throttle I haven't noticed it yet, just spins the tire and hits the rev limiter.
  4. supad48

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    its only when I roll the throttle on slow and steady. right after I reach 1/4 throttle it hessitates, kinda like skips, then with the throttle rolling on more it goes past and continues all the way up fine. This is first, second and third gear roll ons.
  5. supad48

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    yes when the bike is warmed up and running. although it is freezing outside
  6. supad48

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    right now its at 1.5 turns, had it at 2, 2.25, 2.5. never really seemed any better any where, just caused more issues with stall when opening the throttle quickly.
  7. supad48

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    burned, I'm running the 48 pilot, 170 main at sea level in 15-40 degree weather, works very well but having the same problem as before with the hesitation between 1/4-3/8 throttle when rolled really slow. I dropped the clip on the needle(raising the needle) as you said, tested it, it was better but now it seems to be back, should I go to the next clip down? or the other way?
  8. yeah that worked better, also drained gas and bought some fresh pump fuel. this thing is stupid fast! (gas in tank was 1/2 tank from dealer, probably 87 octane or premix!) Thanks Burned for your help!
  9. when the throttle is rolled slowly, between 1/4 and 1/2 throttle, I get a slight hiccup and hessitation, can this be jetted out????
  10. supad48

    2006 YZ 450 no start

    3 pumps, choke on, and hot start. thats how mine starts between 10-40 degrees
  11. chances are if most of the oil you drained out of the bike was not milky, the milky oil in your plugs is from condensation buildup, then when oil hits it, presto like magic, milky residue. check the o-rings for cracks or just replace, also check your breather hose to make sure it isnt plugged or off the top of the valve cover, and not routed in such a fashion as to allow water in or pinched to not allow proper breathing
  12. supad48

    broken clavicle: to operate? or not?

    my doctor recommended not to have surgery because it is stronger when it heals on its own, recovery time is about the same as surgery. Plus he said I would be more likely to re-fracture it with screws, pins, plate because all those holes in the bone make weak spots. keep the brace on real tight so your chest sticks out like a chicken and never take it off for 8 weeks. mines been fine.
  13. as soon as the weather clears I will put in some laps and let you know how it works. thanks for the help Burned!
  14. I havent ridden it yet cause of the ice, we had 12 hours of freezing rain and snow. you think the jetting will be ok when I ride it the way its set up now?