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    Took a trip on XRR today. Need a seat.

    Fisher Seats....Enough Said.
  2. moto931

    Parting out an Xr650R.

    Amen Brother. I bought a blown up crf 450 and put the front end on my xr. Now i have xr and crf parts to sell. The crf parts are dwindeling but you can not give the xr parts away it seems. Good luck with that though.
  3. moto931

    Counter Sprocket Oil Seal (Help) :(

    Don't go to a dealer. Go to an independent or race shop and see if they have any ideas. I have changed a bunch of these without having any issues, but i am not envisioning in my head what you could of done to require the case to be split.
  4. moto931

    stock bars 2008 450?

    I have a brand new set, PM me if interested in buying them.
  5. moto931

    wheels that fit a xr650r

    Where in Idaho are you? I might have a complete set - Front and rear you may be interested in. Shoot me a Personal Message if you want some information.
  6. Wow, well I don't know about you but I have never killed anyone in the name of religion. They don't pay taxes or have to report income, they get tax money from our federal government, they get preferential treatment at universities, banks, scholarships, SBS loans, don't have to abide by state fish and game laws, etc. And they are free to leave the "reservation" and become a working member of any society they want and they could turn down the money they are given, but they don't and they choose to not improve their way of life through hard work like the rest of the world so let’s try not to turn this into a pity party. Yes horrible things were done to them in the past, but now is not the past and the Indian nations need to step up and remove themselves from second class citizenship. No one can do it for them. It is already BS that they don’t pay any sort of taxes on the gaming that takes place on the reservation. William1 is right, they shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways. That is it...i am off my soap box.
  7. moto931

    wheels that fit a xr650r

    I have a complete xr front wheel I need to sell. PM me if you are interested.
  8. moto931

    xr650 forks on a xr600?

    There is a complete front end for a 2000 XR with the tripple clamps, forks, wheel, brakes, axel, speedo, everything you would need except a bearing kit and a brake line.... good deal too!
  9. moto931

    Backrooad ride from Boise to McCall Idaho

    the simple answer is .... no this can not be done from boise without riding a little bit of paved road. Not much, but some is required. Up 8th, down the back to clear creek, to grimes, centerville, pioneerville, alder creek, alder creek bridge to crouch (paved), up the middle fork (first part paved), over east mtn to clear creek, jump 55 go to west mtn rd, follow up to mccall. There are other ways but this is the simplest to explain.
  10. moto931

    2005 CRF450r Owners Manual

    I think I have one. I will look tonight.
  11. moto931

    Baja Designs seat cover and foam

    Send it to Fisher in Eagle, Id. You will be glad you did.
  12. moto931

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Checked the valves, installed new gasket on the stator side, put on a new skin for the rear, installed Dyna Beads in the tubes, and finished the upside down fork installation and Vapor Install, cleaned the air filter, adjusted the clutch a little, new oil in the rear brake for the 1000th time. She is ready for another 300miles on Sunday. Whoo-Hooo!
  13. moto931

    Non dot tire on street

    Nice thing about Pirelli is they try to get all of their tires DOT approved for FIM usage in Europe.
  14. moto931

    New DS helmet!

    How is the distortion, I bought a FX dual sport helmet a couple of years ago and it made me motion sick in about a block. Traded the helmet twice for a new one and switched out the lens a couple of times and still does it. So, I have a brand new helmet in a box that I can't wear due to the lens issue. My street helmet doesn't do it, and neither does my moto helmet.
  15. Well, the FCR Carb won't work on my 650R without replacing my header for my exhauset. I am running a FMF Thunder Bomb and the accelerator pump makes contact with it so I suppose I will start looking for a different Pumper Carb. Maybe the TM if it doesn't have the same issue. If anyone is looking for a FCR off of a 07 CRF with the cables and throttle assembly, PM me and I can tell you about it a little and get you a price.
  16. moto931

    2010 wont stop stalling in the woods

    I was having the same issue, put in the map from Eddie (thanks Eddie) and turned up the idle. As Eddie explained to me, the idle on a FI bike needs to be a lot higher than a carbureted bike. Must have something to do with the power output needed to run the FI, but not sure on this. This solved all my issues. I also go up to a 50 in the rear when I am in the tight stuff and down to a 46 or 47 for the Dez.
  17. moto931

    Overnight loop near Boise

    Stanley area is always a good choice. There is a lot of good single track up there and the temps are lower than just about everywhere else.
  18. moto931

    XR 650R to CRF450R Front End Question

    Thanks Thump. I just swapped out the xr line with the crf line and bled it with some good Motul 600 and the thing now stops on a dime and gives some change. That gave me plenty of room for the brake line and a place to run the trail tech line. Now I need to just get the old front end posted in the classifieds if anyone is interested keep an eye there or pm me. I have the complete front end up for sale with brakes, wheel, revalved forks, tripple clamps, BD speedo, speedo cable, wheel spacers, MC, and lever. I think I also have a Scotts top clamp, stock tank, fork springs, shock springs, and stock exhaust somewhere.
  19. I picked up a 07 CRF 450R for cheap and am going to swap the front ends, but I have a question for the guru's out there. Is there a way for me to run my XR Speedo with the CRF front wheel? My plan is to use the entire front end off the CRF including the tripple clamps and use a berring from evolution suspension. Thanks for your time and knowledge.
  20. moto931

    XR 650R to CRF450R Front End Question

    Got the CRF front end on the 650r last night and took it for a ride, what a difference. Firm and planted just like I had hoped for. The only problem is the stock CRF brake line is a little short for use with the baja designs headlight. What are other people using for the brake line up front? The one off the XR looks longer so maybe I will just use it or try to get one in that lenght in a braided brake line. let me know what you have done.
  21. moto931

    evolution suspension

    Same here, called and ordered it last week, it arrived this weekend, and got it installed last night with the tripple clamps. Forks go on tonight for the first test ride.
  22. moto931

    XR 650R to CRF450R Front End Question

    Let me know what you find out and I will do the same. Might be a couple of weeks before I even get started on mine though.
  23. moto931

    XR 650R to CRF450R Front End Question

    Yep, think I will just go with the Trail Tech and call it good. Now if I can only get that pumper carb off the CRF to work on the XR I will be golden.
  24. moto931

    XR 650R to CRF450R Front End Question

    Can I use the 450R wheel with the X spacer and Speedo unit? Or the 450 R wheel with the X parts?
  25. moto931

    Sand City 100

    Brett, Seems like a lot more were showing up before I retired from the racing scene in 06. stu