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  1. 321w2Smoker

    SanFran SX After Race !!FIGHT!!

    Thats no fight. No blood, no combos, no technique. SAD, and tons of fun in the red shirt there should take a 5 before he has a heart attack.
  2. 321w2Smoker

    Fully Built MDK 07' YZ250

    pft id ride it! nice ride man, love that bike..
  3. who is the drop out, the guy making millions riding dirtbikes. or the guy that sits here bashing him and can't spell athlete. hmm....
  4. 321w2Smoker

    1987 Kawasaki 650 KLR Ranch Model (large photo)

    nvm, i just read some of this thread. Man, u need a girl or to go out or SOMETHING!
  5. 321w2Smoker

    1987 Kawasaki 650 KLR Ranch Model (large photo)

    looks like someone shat out a Kawi..
  6. 321w2Smoker

    Interesting part of Canard's crash.

    yeah, thats racing man. Deal with it.
  7. 321w2Smoker

    Give it some GasGas!!

    How in the hell can u stand up on that thing all day long lol
  8. 321w2Smoker

    WFO Trailriders pictures and video

    Looks good man!
  9. 321w2Smoker

    sandy lane enduro helmet cam

    Stand up and use ur legs to man handle ur bike. Turst me you'll be a lot faster.
  10. 321w2Smoker

    Let's see your 4 strokes set up for woods!

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=10847 Before I put all the new graphics at plastics along with the guard covers. It also has a Boysen quick shot that you can't see in the pictures.
  11. 321w2Smoker

    Not enuff rebound dampening! ouch!!!

    I've seen that about 103405815094 times on here, but. It's still kinda funny how hard she lands on her neck.
  12. 321w2Smoker

    my vor 530!!!

    is that a new company or something? i've never heard of it?
  13. 321w2Smoker

    Lets see your bike in the snow:D

    wow I love that bike, she may be old but DAMN shes perdy!
  14. 321w2Smoker

    Pics of your bike hauler

    It would look better melted down...