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  1. Charles Saucedo

    plastic kits

    does anyone know where i could find a black plastics kit for my 2005 230?
  2. Charles Saucedo

    My New 05 CRF450X!

    i have the answer to your question. i ran into the same problem the other night i took out the torque screw first and also coulnd'nt get the baffle out so i took a large flat head screwdriver and gently pried the baffle out abot 3/4inch but then it got stuck so i sprayed a small amount of wd-40 on it and twisted it the rest of the way out. there was two small discs at the end of the baffle and i cut them off in attempt to try to make the bike sound not so chocked up but i haven't ran it yet so i dont know if it worked or not.