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  1. motocrotts

    2020 TE150i

    That is hilarious.
  2. motocrotts

    2020 TE150i

    Supposedly it says to NOT change the pv screw. Thats why they don't give you pv springs. Sometimes I really feel sorry for the guys at ktm.
  3. motocrotts

    Anyone switch back to a Keihin?

    Same here and same mods. I have a lectron on the bench and won't even put it on because the mik works so well. I run 50:1 amsoil interceptor and the end of the pipe is just moist. It started to get just a drool when it got in the 90's but not enough to change the jetting.
  4. motocrotts

    Simple ? about oil injection

    Beta has oil injection on their rr models. Putting in premix would probably create a too much oil situation. Result extra carbon and poor performance or plug fouling.
  5. motocrotts

    2020 TE300i is here!

    Not a bad price. AEO are good people. Just remember the kicker won't do you any good if the battery is dead. You'd probably be better off just carrying a extra battery. Lighter and cheaper.
  6. motocrotts

    Honest TX question..

    Do you apply it directly to the pads or rotor?
  7. motocrotts

    Mikuni needles

    Put the new gasket in mine and have had no problems. Getting ready to head up into the high country in a month. Anyone have any jetting for 8k and up?
  8. motocrotts

    RM project

    Picked up this little guy yesterday. I'll get it running then tear it down for restoration. Should go well with the 250. Next, find a 370.
  9. I think if you're in California you can claim to be illegal and they'll pay your insurance for you. They can do this by taxing the people with no insurance. Oh wait, that's for health insurance. My bad.
  10. One thing you may want to look at. Make sure your bikes have the same bodily injury and property damage that your automobile has. If not and you injure someone they can sue you for the difference.
  11. motocrotts

    2020 Husqvarna TX 300i

    The tpi adds so much weight they have to keep the weight down somehow. It's nice my 19 has the kicker but I've never used it. It's holds my ratio right when I'm changing gear oil.
  12. motocrotts

    Husqvarna Steering Stabilizer vs Scott’s

    Had to get my first service at 40 hrs. Leaking was the reason. Scott's on my 500 had never done such a thing. However, i do like the gpr.
  13. motocrotts

    19 husqvarna tx 300

    One more reason im not a power wash guy! My filter isnt wet after a good old garden hose and dawn dishsoap cleaning! Takes me 600% longer though, add beer and we are looking at a day job. Im with you on that.
  14. motocrotts

    19 husqvarna tx 300

    Ive never heard this before. Can you explain the logic? My 19s airbox is so sealed its hard to believe water could hit the filter, leak past slide, leak past reed and into bottom end....and im not being a smartass, but after you said "case reed" i started thinking it is sort of like a pipeline to the crank .. When you pressure wash water can get through and get the air filter wet. A short little start up can suck the water through the filter. You're right it's a straight shot to the crank and bearings. If you run the bike long enough (bring the engine up to temp) after washing the extra heat will evap any moisture and you won't have any problems. Not doing this is the best way to get rusty crank bearings.
  15. motocrotts

    Beta 200RR vs Beta 300RR

    I was going to say TM also. No one would know better than you. Are they going tpi for 2020?