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  1. Hey Jeff, is that all of my stuff?
  2. If you're that far in, replace it.
  3. Really, smog delete free with vortex?
  4. Yes, had one in a 350 frame. Probably have to fab some motor mounts.
  5. I never call him, just watch his vids. Probably don't want to call him and tell him you want a spark plug.[emoji16]lol
  6. Good looking bike Dave, looked just like mine. Lol. Slavens Racing has some great vids on what Jeff has done to his bike. He doesn't bs and tells it like it is, its a good place to start. IMHO.
  7. I just got an 18 and put the first hour on it. Going to drop the oil now and put 4 more hrs on it. Then it's check the valves and vortex, desmog kit, remove the reeds and unplug the muffler for me. I've read too much about people buying the JD tuner and then buying the vortex. Think I'll just start with the vortex.
  8. Does it require actual reading?
  9. I can't vouch for the gp seat but the oem ec seat is the best ive ever ridden.
  10. You guys are correct, its the volume of bikes imported that dictates the epa screws. The beta is a great bike for sure. As for getting the ktm/husky to perform its a jd tuner or a vortex so far from what ive read. My only concern with the beta is aftermarket support and dealer locations. If you live near one, great. Where i ride in Colorado there are none. So if you break on your 2 week vacation and need parts you're sol.
  11. Thanks, got all the info i needed.
  12. How many mpg are you guys getting with the engine uncorked?
  13. I'm pondering the purchase of a new 500 for dual sport with the possibility of attending some of the ama dual sport nationals. I'd like some opinions and info on modifications you've done to the bike. Thanks for your help.