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  1. motocrotts

    KTM circling the drain - 2019 edition

    Maybe if they bought that guy from the Netherlands over and let him ride you wouldn't be asking that question.
  2. motocrotts

    Left Over 2018 GasGas Deals?

    Who did you check with and with and what was their otd price?
  3. motocrotts

    Left Over 2018 GasGas Deals?

    Well you did ask and people went to the trouble to answer your request. The least you should do is buy one.
  4. motocrotts

    Left Over 2018 GasGas Deals?

    Are you guys saying he's jerking around?
  5. motocrotts

    Left Over 2018 GasGas Deals?

    Ok, you've been given sources, you gonna get one?
  6. motocrotts


    Jeez, that would last about 5 mins in the rocks here in az. Glad it works for you.
  7. motocrotts

    KTM/Husqvarna updates

    I agree the aer is amazing. I think the bike is flat amazing in the gnar, it doesn't stall and the motor pulls down to like 2 rpms. The entire bike is amazing.
  8. motocrotts

    RK Tek Head

    RB did reshape the combustion chamber to keep compression the same or close to the same. Unfortunately at 70 plus years old he's no longer doing heads. I completely understand why you guys at altitude like the rk head. It's no fun riding a 300 that runs like a sick 250. I don't know what they would of done to work with me other than replace my head. I should of complained but i had such a difficult time just establishing contact it didn't seem worth it at the time. A friend of mine had his GG head done asking for the same things i did and his came back totally different. Thats why im still maintaining I didn't get MY head back.
  9. motocrotts

    Left Over 2018 GasGas Deals?

    Motocenter in mesa arizona has several 2018 250/300's leftover.
  10. motocrotts

    RK Tek Head

    Oh yea, estart would not turn the motor over. Even went and bought a new battery. With the new battery it would turn the motor over but not fast enough to start it. It kicked started easy enough but the estart worked great before i put the head on.
  11. motocrotts

    RK Tek Head

    Unfortunately my compression tester would not fit between the head and frame on the GG. All i can tell you is even with 20% 110 race fuel it still pinged like a jar full of marbles. Plus it would overheat warming up in the driveway. Never overheated until i put the new head on, even in the nasty tight stuff in summer in Arizona. It did have nice low and mid though. Oh yea, it spooged like the Valdez. RB designs fixed my 16 yz 250x by simply correcting the squish. Bike ran great, clean and easy to jet. Thats all i wanted for my GG and even wrote that in my shipping box and emails. The only way i could get the GG to stop pinging was to go back to stock jetting, which was a blubbering pig and go 1 step richer still on all the circuits. The bike stopped pinging but spooge was even worse. By this time i was fed up with it and ordered a 19 head, stock, which was on back order. Then i decided to just sell it, which was amazingly easy. Told the new owner the story and deducted the price for a new head in the price of the bike. Both of us were happy. On the plus side service was quick from RK, by the time they answered my phone calls the head wad already on its way back to me. On the minus side it certainly failed all my expectations.
  12. motocrotts

    RK Tek Head

    Oh, i agree. My elevation is 2-3k, bike makes a ton of power. It's just i specifically asked for no increase in compression and thats far from what i got. Nuff said.
  13. motocrotts

    RK Tek Head

    So does mine.
  14. motocrotts

    RK Tek Head

    Thats the reason rb designs wanted a squish measurement before he would mill your head. They're all a little different. I should of called and complained but i didn't. Im sure they make a great product but my gg sure was fubared, it had to of been a mistake to be that messed up.
  15. motocrotts

    RK Tek Head

    Also with out a squish measurement you might as well just put a sx head on the bike and paint it blue.