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  1. Id say close to none. Dont rig it. Pony up and buy the correct clamp.
  2. We have a local guy here that charges like 50 bucks to repair crushed pipes. He used to work for the beta race team and has a beta jig to ensure it fits.
  3. I thought that bike had a awesome motor and super light too. Its biggest problem was WP suspension and the countershaft brake.
  4. Im pretty much right there with you. They most definitely suck. Klr's dont affect me too much.
  5. I see that. No doubt it happens. I had a guy a couple weeks ago knock a hole in his rekluse cover. Of course no one had any liquid steel except me. Had it in my butt bag since 2001. Worked just fine.
  6. Lol, yup, exactly like that. I replaced mine with a full rekluse radius cx. ktm's have been doing that for years, trick is take a grinder and knock off the inside tooth on the brake pedal. Before you knock a hole in the case.
  7. I don't even wanna think about that.
  8. Thank you, very innovative.
  9. Obviously you guys haven't seen SP prices.
  10. Who gets wet? I havent seen rain in months! It drier than a camel fart here.
  11. I would find it hard to believe they do every engine like this. The tester would run out of his green rubber bands. Can't believe they didn't have orange rubber bands on their equipment.
  12. Send it to Mylers. Cheap and reliable fix.
  13. Yes, it is.
  14. You ktm ball lappers are nauseating.
  15. It was a cheap shot from a frog pussy. What goes around comes around. But in reality thats the only way they can beat him. Straight up, no way.