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  1. RMZ Fo-Fiddy

    Yosh or Pro Circuit on the 06

    I agree with MX317....it's louder than stock but not obnoxious...it just sounds really good....you won't be dissappointed. I'm a perfectionist and I'm very happy with this pipe except for the looks of the long silencer but I'm already getting used to it... Like I said, If RC's running one you should run one too....
  2. RMZ Fo-Fiddy

    Yosh or Pro Circuit on the 06

    My bike is an '06 with stock jetting. I'm riding at sea level. I love everything about my pipe except for the lenghth of the silencer but I'll get used to that...it reminds me of the Leo Vince Pipe....I have the full system. My friends rode it and everyone loves it.
  3. RMZ Fo-Fiddy

    Yosh or Pro Circuit on the 06

    I just put the full PC Ti-4 system on my bike and I don't think there's a better pipe out there for the RMZ....Why? It runs perfectly with the stock jetting, it has a removable spark arrestor in case you need one, it barks hard, it stretches all four gears from bottom to top, and most importantly RC is running one.... Yosh designs their pipes to hit on the very top (up waaay too high in my opinion)...they look cool though.
  4. RMZ Fo-Fiddy

    White Brothers Carbon Pro question...

    Yes, I found out the screen will fit in the Carbon Pro but White Bros does not recommend it because it will heat up the Carbon Fiber.... Yes I know it's a race pipe....Yosh and PC make Race Pipes with removable screens and I'm going to go with one of those instead.
  5. RMZ Fo-Fiddy

    White Brothers Carbon Pro question...

    How do you like your Carbon Pro? Does it help on the mid range and top end?
  6. RMZ Fo-Fiddy

    White Brothers Carbon Pro question...

    Does anyone know if you can insert the spark arrestor screen into the White Bros Carbon pro? It looks like the same end cap as the E2 on their website but it doesn't mention anything about being able to put in the screen on the Carbon Pro model...I don't think you can but I'm just wishful thinking... Let me know if anyone has figured out if it's possible.
  7. RMZ Fo-Fiddy

    05/06 plastic

    Check with Acerbis and UFO plastics. Let us know what you find. I'll be in the market for some too pretty soon. Thanks