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    For those that ride Glamis, what gearing are you running? Also, what jetting specs are you running?
  2. kasparaitis

    07 rmz first impression

    It really looked like he was trying out there. (sarcasm)
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    no compression 04

    The smoke was coming from the oil burning. As for the oil, it was shooting out of the broken portion of the gasket. I changed all fluids prior to going on the trip and I plan on changing them again once I fix the problem. The bike didn't overheat at all while I was there. Hopefully it's something simple. Kas
  4. kasparaitis

    no compression 04

    I'll start from the top, I was riding out at glamis over Thanksgiving, and on the way back to camp I look down and see white smoke and oil going all over the place, I hit the kill switch and pulled off to the side. Needless to say, I couldn't tell what was wrong, so I threw it in the back of the truck and took it back to camp. Anyhow, I cleaned it up when I got home, and noticed that the gasket on the cylinder head cover was ripped. So, I replaced it and topped off fluids. At this point, it feels like I have 0 compression when trying to kick the bike over. Basically, I can push the kicker down with no resistance. This was also the case prior to replacing the gasket. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong? Thanks in advance, Kas