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  1. morganbike

    What's the best tool for honing?

    Wiseco Nylon Brush Hone is the ideal if you want to pay that much.They are $120.00 here in the UK 2nd option is a 320 grit 3 inch Ball Hone.E-Bay has loads of them and I had one shipped to England from the states for $54.00 Do a search on Hone and you will read for hours.
  2. morganbike

    New Guy says Hi !!

    Bike looks good Paul, My red paint job on the polished clutch cover is different !!!. Glad that all has worked out for you. Phil
  3. morganbike

    Taller gearing for crf 250

    We run 14/46 14/47 on the Ovals without any problem.
  4. morganbike

    J+E 13.5:1 PISTON.Whats the part number for 2005 ?

    Thanks for that,maybe Throttle jockey got the numbers the wrong way round !!!. Will see what our dealer can do.
  5. Can anyone tell me what the part number is on the box.I am in the UK and the only guy I have found who deals J+E wants the part number.Strange he can't find it but I want to be sure we are getting the correct piston.Its a 2005. Thanks
  6. morganbike

    Owners manual in pdf format?

    I have a CRF 250X owners manual on CD.Its the same as the R model. It works on ADOBE reader. I am in the UK but can do a copy and send it AIR MAIL. PAY-PAL $5.00 My e-mail is p.greenwo@tesco.net Send your name and mailing address.
  7. morganbike

    Where do you get your race gas?

    We get more HP and Torque out of our Fully Tuned CRF 250 motor using 98/99 Octane pump gas than VP MR9.We do however have very good consistant pump gas here in the UK. Check this out http://www.shell.com/home/Framework?siteId=uk-en&FC2=/uk-en/tailored/shell_for_motorists/fuels/vpower_p/zzz_lhn.html&FC3=/uk-en/tailored/shell_for_motorists/fuels/vpower_p/vpower_p_about_ga_1602.html
  8. morganbike

    Wiring / Elcetrical Problem

    I am not too sure where you have broken this wire.If its on the Carby bit then this is the Honda part number for a replacement Throttle Sensor. 16060-KRN-671 Its $51.44 plus shipping from the Thumper Talk OEM Store. Only other option is to search for a Keihin FCR parts dealer.
  9. morganbike

    sick and tired....

    I use the Quick Action Gasser Throttle assembly with a single cable and it snaps back great.Closed to full open in just less than quarter of a turn.We run on the ovals flat out throttle all the time and it has never failed to close the slide ever.Buy a cable oiler and a tin of wd 40
  10. Am doing a full rebuild soon and need a full gasket set preferably with all the crankase seals.Which do you all use or prefer and where did you purchase them from ?.Do Honda do a complete set or are they all individually packaged ? Thanks
  11. morganbike

    14t Countersprocket question

    I run one all the time with no problems
  12. morganbike


    We run 14/47 on the oval and clocked 76 mph
  13. morganbike

    Cams. Are they worth it?

    Dan, would this cam be suitable for quarter mile flat out oval racing.3rd gear start 14/48 gearing top gear all the way round for 4 laps ?.
  14. morganbike

    CRF277 big bore and rev box Q?

    I ran a big gun cdi on our 05 Crf 250 which has been highly tuned and runs oval bore carb and matching carb to inlet and header pipe to exhaust ports.It made no difference at all and I got my money back. Your best choice is to find someone who can reprogramme an aftermarket cdi such as vortex but you will have to do it on the dyno.The 10 position switch on the vortex is a waste of time if you want it to rev.You have to reprogramme one of the numbers ie number 1 in the system to raise the rpm that the rev limiter kicks in.A little more advance on the timing between 10-13/14,000 rpm will help also.Number 10 on the vortex is the same as a standard honda cdi. Try talking to Ron Hamp who claims he can get 14,000 rpm out of his motors.He did mention a 2004 cdi somewhere in his posts. It will only work if the head is opened up or flowed and the valve train upgraded to allow the rpm increase to occur.
  15. morganbike

    Only Runs Fine With Hot Start Out

    Kelstr was correct. 'the ft of the slide is in with the square side with the hole in it pointing down' I put it in the wrong way ie Upside Down. Motor starts easily with no throttle and purs like a kitten at idle now !!! Many thanks for the quick reply and cure Phil