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  1. climbever

    250 XCF Exhaust

    Great help awesome job!!! Thanks!
  2. climbever

    250 XCF Exhaust

    I have a 2007 250 XCF. I cant seem to pass sound check here in California for enduros. I have repacked and put on the Pro Moto Billit silencer, however still to loud. I would like to change the muffler... anyone have good luck with a system??
  3. climbever

    Stuck oil screen plug!

    Had the same problem on a 250xcf. Ended up cracking the engine case. 4 months later I got parts from KTM Austria. Be careful. By the way KTM knows this is an issue. Zip Tye makes a replacment bolt!!
  4. Anyone know what the correct part number is for the flatland radiator guards for this bike? I do not see the number listed. Some say it is the same as the 06 SXF?
  5. Anyone know what is the correct part number for 2007 250XCF radiator guards from flatland? I do not see it listed. Some say it is the same as the 06 SXF???
  6. I have a 2005 CRF250X, Stage 1 Hot Cam, Power Now front and back with a quickshot. I have the air box cut, pink wire mod, Dr D pipe. I use a Twin air filter with the billit frame ( no screen) Any ideas on what my carb set up should be. I think I have a 152main, 42 pilot and have the air fuel at 1 1/2 turns. I get a hesitation and almost a bog at low RPM 2nd and 3rd gear in the tight woods. Runs great at higher RPM. Thanks
  7. climbever

    Hot Cam or R Cam

    I am looking to upgrade the cam on my 2005 CRF250X. I do enduro riding most of the time. I hear a Hotcam Stage 1 is the way to go? Some say to use the Honda cam from the 250r? I am looking for more low to mid range power. Any feedback?