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    What Size Enclosed Trailer?

    I recently purchased a 8.5'x16' Enclosed trailer and can fit two quads and two full size bikes and all my gear & tools with room left over.
  2. Thanks guys. That should give me a good start.
  3. Runs OK but pops alot on decel. Will not stay running at idle and sometimes stalls with closed throttle while riding.
  4. I recently purchased a '03 WR250 with the following mods: Yoshi pipe/header, YZ exhaust cam, Barnum airbox mod, p-38 and Zip-ty pilot screw. my settings are: Main jet-#185, Pilot jet-#40, Leak jet-#90, Stock needle (groove #4) I ride at 0-500 foot elevation @ 60 to 70 degrees. Could you recommend a good jetting set-up? Also, I checked the pilot screw and found the o-ring, washer & spring missing. The screw was only 3/4 turns out. Can you recommend a starting point (turns out)? Thanks for your help.