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    2005 KLX300R Fork Adjustment?

    Check out the tech articles at www.klxzone.co.uk In general I set my sag at around 95mm while standing and 30 mm with the bike just under its own weight... I am only around 150lbs though...I think it is best to set the sag and all suspension actually at an easy MX track...ride adjust, ride adjust...works for me. Hope that helps...
  2. Hashiru

    2005 KLX300R Fork Adjustment?

    Thank you! I saw the plugs, but did not think to remove them and look
  3. I recently purchased a 2005 KLX300R...at purchase the suspension was very stiff, almost pogo stick like. I have adjusted the rear sag with excellent results However, I can not find any adjustment knob (clicker) for the forks? My manual id still on back order with dealer...so who better than you guys... How do I soften my forks? Thanks