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  1. OZ75X

    1/2 -WOT cough/bog (i am stummped)

    how old is the air cleaner? ck, for plugged silencer/spark arrester?
  2. OZ75X

    Fat boy hogging the track

    Greg, try ahrma, lots of vintage racing in your area.
  3. OZ75X

    Where are all the old timers?

    Tiz, hang in there. I know the feeling. I been racing and wrenching for over 40 years. seems like anything you post on these forums , somebody will piss on whatever you say!!
  4. Zedicus, good luck , stick with it and you will enjoy it ....Oz (motorcycle mechanic. 40+ yrs)
  5. OZ75X

    So-Cal TT racing?

    yes!!! spent many sat. nites at elsinore and perris. yz you mite try eddie mulders series.
  6. OZ75X

    Lets see your vintage ride

    1962 BSA 250 , 1972 BSA 650.
  7. OZ75X

    Off road fears

    I fear not being able to ride.
  8. OZ75X

    CR500 frame anyone need one.....Free!

    how about wheels???
  9. OZ75X


    hodaka trans.are a ball and reciever type . possably some of the balls could be sticking.
  10. OZ75X

    Dove Springs to Bickel Camp Report & Pic's

    Scoot, nice meeting you and your daughter. OZ.
  11. that be the stator . dont' know on huskys whether there is oil in there.
  12. the secret to xr 250 is momentum , save your a/f meter, your jetting, hold the throtle on . my 270 pulls 13/43 sprockets at 100mph.
  13. OZ75X

    Now this is Old School!

    jeff smith still goes fast today .ahrma 70 yr. old nat. champ.
  14. OZ75X

    Gnarliest riding in norcal?

    richmond ramblers club grounds ?