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  1. This bill will stop paying groups like the Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity and many other "non-proft" groups that are suing the goverment and taking away our land faster than you can imagine. Time to hit them were it hurts. Bill H. R. 1996 will do just that. Please follow this link and register and an email will be sent to your local congressman with your message automatically. Please help keep our lands open to responsible recreation! Thank you ! The bill: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d112:h.r.1996: Click here to support it: https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/112/hr1996
  2. Smoke U

    Wheelie tips

    do you cover your rear brake when doing long stands on whatever bike you're on? practice going up a steep hill. dialing this method can take a lot of practice but it is well worth it if you enjoy wheelies. saved my ass more than once.