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  1. Bike is all stock. So Cal Elevation <1000. Does anyone have exact specs so I can just swap jets out? Eddie, on my '06 you gave me the specs and my bike ran perfect ever since. Right now it pops badly, very cold, long time to warm, have to use the choke for a while. I'm assuming its very lean like my '06 was. Help please, I want a bike that runs great that I can just throw my leg over and ride!
  2. ridermx28

    The Real Do-it-all bike??? Help Please

    I just got an '08 YZ450F too. What do you guys recommend for jetting?
  3. ridermx28

    2008 Yz450f

    Thanks. Let me know if you get an '08 in so I can just swap out your recommendations.
  4. ridermx28

    2008 Yz450f

    I rode my friends and it had a lot of hesitation 0-1/4 throttle. I may not ride mine for a while because I'm gonna send my suspension out.
  5. I just picked up my new bike. Eddie Sisneros, I used your advice for jetting on my 06 and it ran perfect ever since, just exactly like you said. What do you, or anyone else, recommend on the 2008 YZ450F? I live in OC, California and ride the local tracks, starwest, perris, elsinore, etc. -not much altitude. Thanks.
  6. i am now 26, but back in the day, i used to mow lawns, wash cars, and babysit. babysitting was the main source of my income. i watched some brats but in the end it bought me my used bike that i was so proud of. that is what i did until i was old enough to get a real job. searching for good deals will be your next step.
  7. ditto. chroming old technology is not cool!
  8. ridermx28

    Any Trials Riders?

    trials rules! I don't do it, i race MX, but i have done a little trials on a mountain bike, and the feeling of slow speed balance and finesse is awesome. I admire those that have that kind of skill.
  9. ridermx28

    Ricky out?

    just heard it on proride, didn't think it was true, but was curious.
  10. ridermx28

    Ricky out?

    anyone...? anyone....?
  11. ridermx28

    riding and beer

    if you ride tracks, its not likely to find drink and riders. if they do they'll get run off the track quickly. no one can keep up intoxicated. i don't really ride out in the hills but i'd do the same, get them off the trails.
  12. ridermx28

    Ricky out?

    did carmichael really break his leg or is it just a rumor? anyone know for sure?