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    race jetskis, ride xr50's
  1. CRF450CB

    RG3 Linkage Compared to Stock Photos!!!!!

    I put the linkage (RG3) on my 05 450. Big difference going over the acceleration bumps, Hookup!
  2. CRF450CB

    Fork spring question

    Guess what, The springs are miss marked. There is a part # with the last two numbers 44. Then in another spot is .49 marked and they were in a box marked .49. I'm just going to take them back and get the right springs. Until then my old .48's are just fine. And the chambers had been serviced.
  3. CRF450CB

    Fork spring question

    The oil is right on. I installed the springs myself and thought I did something wrong when they bottomed so easy. So I had the forks rebuilt and my suspension guy first added 385cc of oil and then he added 20cc more and it's still weak. The race-tech springs had .49 marked on them. I figure something got messed up somewhere, they feel like .46's. Thanks for the help
  4. CRF450CB

    Fork spring question

    I have 405cc of 5w oil in the tubes with the .49s. I had 395cc of 5w oil with the .48s. I guess I'll throw the .48s back in and deal with a little softness instead of the clang I'm getting with the .49s.
  5. CRF450CB

    Fork spring question

    I have an 05CRF450. I had .48 factory conection springs in the forks. I gained a little weight and decided to go with .49 springs. So I had a cycle store order them. I got a set of race-tech .49's. With the .49's in the forks bottom out all the time. Are the springs that different coming from different companies?
  6. CRF450CB


    If on concrete use a broom to sweep the dirt off. Then get on bike and do a burnout to clean the dirt off the rear tire. After that get the front tire a few inches away from the gate. Be all the way up on seat and feet in front of the pegs. Keep the elbows up and don't lean to far forward or the rear tire will spin to much. I like 2nd gear starts and keep the throttle about 2/3 full. Watch pin drop and let out clutch. Shift to third when bringing both feet up. At least that's how I do it..
  7. CRF450CB

    newbie needs help with suspension

    I'm about the same weight and height 6.0 and 220. After riding my 05 450 for a year the suspension started getting softer. I went with a set of 48 fork springs and a 5.9 rear spring. It's perfect without having to do anything else. I ride mostly desert, sand and tracks.
  8. CRF450CB

    Cracked pipe (02 450F)

    Joe, I have a complete stock pipe off an 03 crf450. Cheap.
  9. CRF450CB

    bubba scrubin?

    Has bubba been doing the scrub lately? Last weekend it seemed like he was to busy chasing rc.
  10. CRF450CB

    Numb hands.

    I had vibration with my 450. I tried the fat bars and it didn't help much. Then I put the bar inserts in the fat bars and the vibration disappeared.
  11. I bought my first bike in Nov 04. 49 yrs old and love it. I take lessons when ever I can afford them to sharpen my skills on the track. Just take it at your pace and don't let peer pressure get you hurt.