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  1. Chillwabbitt

    Rank Your Favorite Off-Road Motorcycle!

    1. Gas Gas 300 2. Gas Gas 250 Excellent bikes that deliver smooth usable power and they fit the vertically challenged really well in stock form.
  2. Chillwabbitt

    08 kx 450 swallowed water

    When we drown our bikes, we drain all the oil refill it with desiel run it for a few minutes (do not rev it up just idle)then rinse and repeat, after that replace with oil you will use for one ride, go ride come back drain and check it at the same time. if there is no milk, fill up with the good stuff and no harm done. Otherwise rinse and repeat.
  3. Chillwabbitt

    Speed wobbles

    are you riding a 04 YZ250? if so then you shouldn't have any tank slap at all, I think you need to check the balance between the fron and rear suspension. Push down on the bike and see if either the front or the rear come up first - I think your answer my lay there somewhere.
  4. I thought so too, however becuase your body is used to using less oxygen - it just makes breathing easier - go figure. I just don't think I would try smoking where the air is already thin... (Blackout)
  5. Well most ppl don't get the smoking but stil fit thing and then there are these e-cig things just not my usual type of post.
  6. Chillwabbitt

    Going really really fast....

    something like that, the terrain I'm talking about is a little different though - I really need to get a better cam or 2.
  7. confused? or just wondering whay I said it was a bizarre post?
  8. Here is a off the wall bizarre post if the ever was one, I smoke and have now moved to the e-cig stuff(green smoke is the one you want) but still like the real deal too, at altitude smokers have more stamina and staying power because their bodies are used to dealing with less oxygen particles in the blood stream, this is esp. true when climbing kilimanjaro, K2 and Everest. however in a cardio environment like enduro ....... - - You screwed, unless you are what we termed in the military(para units) smoking fit - it's been 17 years out the mil; and I think it was a way for us for make an excuse for it... As a smoker you only a puff away from a box a day!
  9. Chillwabbitt

    Going really really fast....

    Nah my wife and kids rekon I have a red button on the top of head as soon as I put on the helmet, it depresses the button which in turn disengages my brain. I'm not done be a long shot yet we have discussed it and would now like to see 140 kmph (86.991792929 mph), but this will take some planning and terrain allowing. My wife knows I have been doing this since the age of 5, we grew up together have our kids and my son @ 2 rekons his going to be faster and jump further - Like I'm going to let that happen easily!
  10. Chillwabbitt

    Side hill Single Track off Camber Log Crossings!

    If I'm understanding you correctly, there is a steep angle and the long is laying directly across it no onher ngle except downhill? If so approach slowly maybe 1st gear to start, ride up toward the log and just before the front wheel touches *pop* the clutch bringing the front wheel 3/4 of the way up the face of the log/tree. You are goining to be tempted to stay in a neutral position, however as soon as that front wheel hits you need to lean in the upward direction of the log, almost steering/counter steering into the climb (space permitting) this way when the rear wheel hits it will not wantto slide the entire length of the obsticale, more follow the front wheel which has now chosen the shortest path. The other way to do it is as you approach *pop* the clutch that the front wheel hops the trunk and while doing a bunny hop in the upward direction landing on the rear wheel - and using the skide plate as a safe guard, bounce the bike over - this is a very advanced tech. and have seen pros battle with it and come short this includes wattsy. Either way you choose you have to commit and not get whiskey throttle at any point. Good luck cause you going to need it.
  11. Chillwabbitt

    running over people on trial

    Tis like carmegeddon, they should be behind the candy tape, it's a race not dodgems, I've hit a few and felt bad for cracking my barkbuster plastics... and felt a thud.
  12. Guys I invite all of you to come to the next roof, all the technequies etc you talk about here mean diddly because all you trying to do is make it to the end no matter if you push the bike down and then role down after it. These guys are just plain shattered by day 2, you've seen a small teaser; for those of you that can talk to Kyle Redmond do it, then come over and lets have this discussion again. Not to diss anyone, but a trail ride is not a race.
  13. Chillwabbitt

    Going really really fast....

    OK I am alive..., broke my toe cut my knuckle to the bone on a hill climb. On top of that we and only made 103kmph (64.0012328 mph) so a bit of an idle around the area really, however we did not go to De Wildt where I made my best time rather to maraisburg were the runs are much shorter and it's all soft sand. It was dusty as all hell and there was no traction even on the straight lines we tried. I even forgot to hit the record button on our best run We only ended up using my crappy oregon camera so the quality and sound is really, really bad, I'll post it up as soon as I can edit it and make the language more like a family movie. LOL - it's going to take some time..... But never fear we will keep trying; the guy I rode with this time was his first ride in over a year since his last accident whre he broke ribs and such, so the nerves were there to play with his mind all day, but I must say he did better than expected.
  14. Chillwabbitt

    Going really really fast....

    I kinda did, I forgot about a wedding on the Saturday and Sunday never arrived I woke up and it was Monday morning However NOTHING is going to stop me from doing it this weekend! Hell I might even do it before going to work sometime this week - this has gone on to long now.